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Born in Colombia and raised in Madrid Spain, Lupe Fuentes has already started to make her mark on the electronic music world. On her way to living her dream to becoming an accomplished producer and DJ, Lupe is releasing tracks on credible Labels like Junior Sanchez’s ‘Brobot’, and Spain’s own ‘Undercool Productions’ with upcoming releases on Todd Terry’s ‘Inhouse’ & NYC’s ‘Nervous Records’. Lupe Fuentes has also been rocking dance floors, with DJ shows playing alongside incredible artists like Oscar G and Roger Sanchez. Her sound melds many subgenres of deep, tech, tribal and Latin house music, and with already many releases locked and loaded, Lupe Fuentes is one artist you need to look out for.

Lupe’s latests release along side Level Groove entitled ‘Something Funky’ is out on Traxsource via Guesthouse (DJ Mes Label). So in 3-2-1, Lupe lets us know what she’s currently up to, gives us insight into her latest release & shares a few track she’s feeling right now.

3 Questions:

1) Hi Lupe, how are you? Tell us what you’ve been up to?

Hey Traxsource, great to talk to you. How am I? Super busy, just how i like it! I have been balancing being in the studio with travel of course. This week I played a lights out party in Houston, Texas at Proofbar Rooftop. Alex Clavijo from Praia Urbana played with me and it was very cool! I have been spending a ton of time in the studio just working on making quality House tracks and as always, working on my sound. I have a recording studio in my house so most days are a balance between music and life, but lately its more music and that is what gives me real life. I have a lot of projects and collaborations in the works, including one with Man Without a Clue and another with Wrighty. I have three dogs who hang in the studio with me all day, they are also House heads!

2) The topic for today is your latest EP on Guesthouse with Level Groove. Tell us how this collaboration came to be.

I have been a fan of Level Groove and really been feeling his sound for a while. When I put out my single “So High”, Level Groove had the guest DJ mix on Roger Sanchez’ radio show “Release Yourself” and Roger played my track alongside Level Groove’s guest mix. Since then, I have been supporting a lot of Level Groove’s tracks and he has supported a lot of my releases too. We started talking through social media and right away the collaboration came naturally. We really work well together and have a very similar appreciation for a lot of the same music. Level Groove is from Spain, where I grew up, so we speak the same language literally and musically. I have been following Guesthouse’s releases for some time now and I play a lot of their tunes in my mixes. I feel that the sound of Guesthouse fits really well with the stuff that I produce. There are so many great artists who release regularly on Guesthouse like DJ Sneak, Sonny Fodera, DJ Mes, Sidney Charles and more, that it is an honour to be part of Guesthouse! Lastly, J. Paul Getto did the remix for “Something Funky” and he added a lot of his own flavour to it, which is so dope, I really dig it!

3) What do you have lined up that we should know about?

I have several releases coming out over the next month or two which is really cool. When you produce a lot you get on to the next tracks you are working on and then something you did a few months ago that you put a lot of heart and soul into but have almost forgotten about gets released. Even if you have not listened to the track in a minute it is very rewarding to hear it back as a brand new release that gets dropped. In November I have an EP on Positive Music called “I Think of You” . I really love this track and I play it in a lot of my live sets, its really trippy and grooves well. The other track on the EP is called “Don’t Make Me Wait” which has a very cool vocal. Remix duties were done by Wrighty from the U.K. so this should be a cool release. I also have a single called “Gotta Keep Holding On” coming out on Todd Terry’s Inhouse Records . Todd Terry always releases quality House music, and this is my second release on his Label. Todd is a Legend. There are a few more and some remixes I did too, but I’m trying to keep building and pushing my sound. Next month I have a really cool gig back at Pacha NYC, which is one of my favourite places to play. Last time I was there I played with Oscar G, who always kills it! I’m sure this time will be sick too. Really looking forward to getting back to see all my NY House family again.

2 Trax I’m feeling right now:

Coyu & Cari Golden – “Profound Please”

I really love this track because it just has a great vibe. The top line synths are hypnotizing. This track is just plain sick.

MK & Kant – “Ey Yo”

I really like this track because it really makes me feel something every time I listen to it and it is a BEAST on the dancefloor. The Busta Rhymes vocal is so mean. I’m playing this track a lot right now!

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Lupe Fuentes

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