We take a 'Long Run' with Steve Bug and Mr V

As Steve Bug and Mr V’s ‘The Long Run’ project rockets up the Traxsource Top 10 chart, News.Traxsource caught up with them both to find out about the project and more..

Can you tell us how this collaboration initially came about?

I had this track that I was working on and I’ve been looking for someone to do vocals for it. So I’ve been going through my record collection and I thought Mr V would be the perfect match for it. So I sent him a message and asked him if he wanted to collaborate on a song. And after I sent him the tune we agreed on working together on this one. In addition to the lyrics and vocals he added two own versions to the release. Simple as that! ;)

What inspired the New York style vibe for this release?

I always loved the New York style deep house; this was the stuff I was playing on my first regular night on a Sunday in my hometown back in ’91. After I moved to Hamburg around ’96 that’s what we’ve been playing at the ‘Lounge’ Club. And I’ve been releasing some deep house stuff under my moniker superlova or sb entertainment back then. It was just about time to do another New York style tune for me.

What are your thoughts on the recent chart success of deep house releases such as ‘Benediction’ on Hot Creations?

Well, to be honest, I don’t think this music should be filed under deep house, because it simply isn’t. Nothing against the music, but it should be a new genre itself. And it probably would have been a few years back, but that’s the problem with digital stores, they have to file music under an already existing genre, because most of the times the new name for a new sound comes with the hype and not with the first releases. But nowadays they are already filed, so there is no new genre for it.

What do you do for fun?

Sports, I love doing sports. Just booked my skiing vacation for 2013, so looking forward to that.

Being deeply immersed in the European house and techno scene, what are some DJs / producers to look out for?

Whatever they feel its right. Don’t go for a new hype when you don’t feel it. Go for what you really feel and stay true to your roots; don’t switch your sound like underwear.

What can we look out for coming up on Dessous or Poker flat on Traxsource?

The next Dessous release will be an EP by Langenberg (one half of ribn), then there will be a new Andrade and remixes of Jamie Andersons and Owain k’s ‘do you know’ also we are looking forward to the first Andre Lodemann EP on Dessous to be released in spring next year. On Poker Flat we have an extraordinary EP by Boris Dlugosch incl remixes by Show B and Nico Lahs, as well as the remixes of Alex Niggemann’s album ‘Paranoid Funk’ and we are also releasing remixes of one of my ‘Noir’ album tunes ‘no adjustments’ feat Foremost Poets.

What’s the most inspiring experience you’ve had in the last three months?

Having the perfect pisco sour in Peru. It reminded me that only with the right ingredients, added in the right order you can create something amazing. And it’s very easy to do something similar that won’t have the same impact if you are missing something or if your ingredients don’t come from the right sources. Something simple as a lime can make all the difference when it comes from the right source.

Any up coming shows you’re excited about for New Years Eve?

I will be playing three shows around new years this year. Starting on the 30th at Rex Club, Paris, followed by New Years Eve at Fuse Club, Belgium and ends on New Years Day at Junk Department at Factory Seven in London.

Can tell us how this collaboration initially came about?

Steve and me met last year at the BPM FESTIVAL through Loco Dice, he was a fan of my music and I was a fan of his, we put our minds together and now everyone gets to hear it.

What inspired the lyric content of this release?

Seeing the Influx of producers and so called DJ’s at the moment, people just jumping on because it’s the hot thing right now, not because of the music or what it has built, there is a lack of REAL talent so I needed to express how I felt about it.

What do you do for fun?

My 4 year old is the definition of FUN, I love working on my Itunes play list at home, some XBOX 360 Call Of Duty time here and there but most of my life is surrounded by my 4 year old and music.

How did you make out during Hurricane Sandy?

I’m ok even though I wasn’t far from ground zero here in Staten Island, lost power for 2 days but all is well, Thank You Lord.

What’s the most inspiring experience you’ve had in the last three months?

Being in Japan is ALWAYS INSPIRING, Hearing hype about a certain DJ and them delivering is always inspiring and watching Jazztronik for my 1st time LIVE and seeing the instrumentation and power of a LIVE band do house jams is ALWAYS INSPIRING.

Steve Bug, Mr. V – ‘The Long Run’ is out now on Dessous.