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Scott has ploughed a wide and all encompassing path during his 10 years as a DJ and producer, playing and producing right across the spectrum of house. His influences range from disco and funk right through to deeper peak time jams and mid-90’s US garage, taking in all that’s great about modern house music. Scott’s energy and vibe as a performer has been winning him fans worldwide, and his reputation as a DJ and standout producer is one of the fastest growing the house world right now. READ MORE

With his recent release ‘Can’t Take That’ out on Traxsource (listen below), Scott gives us a peak at one of his Favourite pieces of studio kit.

Available now on Traxsource.

1. What’s your favourite piece of gear in the studio

My favourite machine is, quite literally, Native Instruments Maschine. I actually bought the Mikro and then left it sitting in the studio unopened for months because I was so ingrained through using only Logic for so many years and with always having so much work to finish I wasn’t sure when I’d ever get time to learn it. Then one day I got an email from Loopmasters about creating some kits for it and so I thought I’d better unbox it and start figuring out my way around it. It ended up being a revelation to me, and it’s pretty much totally changed the way I work now. I still use Logic for mixing and automation and that kind of stuff, but Maschine is simply a much more fun way to get ideas down. I do pretty much everything in the software, apart from jamming on the pads,  so the Mikro is fine for me at this point.

2. Why do you love it & what makes it special?

I love the way you can effortlessly audition and swap out new sounds in a kit, you can quickly tune everything as well as putting different effects on every pad. That just isn’t possible in Logic unless you want to use the multi output sampler or place each sound on it’s own channel, which isn’t conducive to a quick workflow. It feels much more like how people would have worked 15/20 years ago in that there’s more the sense you’re just working off a vibe, and I love the rawness of that. Music is often about those little moments, or those mistakes and Maschine really helps me to hit on that formula. I find myself being much less bogged down in mixing and listening to everything from an engineering perspective and because I’m focusing only on the creation it makes it more fun. The way in which you can play with one shot samples, or slice things up, or incorporate Massive or other synths means that I end up using a whole range of different sounds that I probably wouldn’t have used before. It’s great for drum fills and rolls, the pad sensitivity/velocity is excellent and the sampler engine gives you that 12bit crunch of the SP1200 and MPC60. if you’re looking for that organic, tuff Detroit Swindle-esque vibe with your beats then Maschine is the way to go.

I think Native Instruments have succeeded in making the drum machine relevant again. It still needs some work – the automation and arrangement window could be greatly improved, but as a pure groovebox and for getting inspiring ideas down quickly and in a fun way, it can’t be beaten at the moment.

3. Tell us 1-3 tracks you used it on?

1) ‘Can’t Take That’

Can’t Take That was programmed and arranged entirely in Maschine.

2) ‘Rumble In The Jungle’

Rumble In The Jungle was made with Maschine, only some FX and automation was added using Logic.

3) ‘Lovesick’

The drums for ‘Lovesick’ were created in Maschine and then exported to Logic.

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