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Norwich, UK resident Scotty.A began DJ’ing in 1999 & now has emerged recently as an outstanding producer who is a talent to be watched closely. His productions have seen him signed to several labels of note and he has received support from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Russian DJ/producer Denis A amongst others. This support for his productions coupled with an extraordinary passion for music and complete dedication to his craft mean that Scotty.A is definitely a name to watch in 2013 and beyond.

Scotty.A joins Proton Music’s Compiled and Mixed series which is available now on Traxsource, so we sat down with him to chat about the new compilation & more…

Available now on Traxsource.

The Interview

1) Hi Scotty.A thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

I’m in my new home in Norwich (UK), moved in a few months back, settled in nicely now. I’m working on a new track today, so feeling positive about finishing that.

2) The topic for today is new mix compilation album for Proton Music – tell us in your words a little bit about how it came to be and what you were trying to convey to your listeners.

Over the last two years or so I’ve had a string of well received releases with Proton Music, so I was understandably delighted when they asked me to prepare the next Compiled & Mixed Series.

It was a challenging task on some levels, I spent best part of a month sifting though and listening to the vast library of music that they made available to me for this project. It was very important to me that the mix represented my sound accurately and flowed perfectly. This project was a real labor of love and l am delighted with the final outcome.

3) What are some of your personal favorite cuts from the Compiled & Mixed compilation and why?

I’ve always prided my sets on track selection, to me this has always been the most important aspect of any mix. The track which stands out the most for me is Kivu’s ‘I Got You’, fantastic deep house and really sums up the sound I’m playing right now, with it’s deep textures and hypnotic groove. Perfect!

I also wrote an original track myself for this project, ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’. Its the final track on the mix and is a bench mark as to what you can expect from me in the months ahead, very groove driven, with a rich atmosphere. This will see a full release soon on Proton Music.

4) What keeps you motivated after all this time?

I guess motivation comes and goes, generally inspiration and enjoyment of hearing great music in clubs or at home has always been a driving force with my productions.

As well as this l think the success we create for ourselves is another factor, I am building some great momentum at the moment and with every little piece of good news, this pushes me further in what i do. Right now my motivation is at the highest I’ve ever known it and I am going to keep it this way…..

5) What trax have been really tearing it up in club-land?

The track which really standing out for me at present is Sascha Dive’s remix of Kalypso by Martin Aquino & Steppenwolf. Sascha is on great form right now, I’m loving every release, this track is no exception and will be in the CD wallet for some time to come.

Also on a more personal level, Lawrence’s ‘Blue Mountain’ on Mule Musiq is simply amazing, one of those tracks you just want to close your eyes to and drift of into dream land. Such beautiful work, I’m addicted to it :)

6) Best gig of 2014 so far and why?

Always a hard question, I think l would have to say Rosario in Argentina, back in June. It was my second time touring Argentina and this party in Rosario was something else. The atmosphere was incredible and the club was full from start to finish, I can’t wait to go back there again.

l also have to mention that I played in the Ukraine earlier this year for PLACE promotions, such a fantastic, friendly party with such a great vibe.

7) Tell your fans some interesting facts they may not know about you

I have a twin sister, she is the intelligent, attractive one…. no we don’t look alike!

8) Where can your fans catch you in playing over the next few months and what is next for you?

I can’t say to much at this stage but my debut in Peru is expected at the end of November, I am very excited about this as l have very strong fan base in that part of South America. Also in December I will be returning to play at my favourite south coast party, Terminal in Bournemouth (UK) they are always a lot of fun.

On the production front, I have a new EP coming soon on Proton Music and just signed two tracks to Tobsen Graale’s Paperjet Records. I am being very productive in the studio currently, so expect to see a lot of new music from me over the next 12 months.

Scotty. A artist page & releases on Traxsource.

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