Get to Know: Needwant

Established in 2009, UK London label Needwant is now celebrating its 5th year Anniversary with the release of a 23 track compilation Album Needwant: 5 Years out now on Traxsource. We caught up with the man behind the label Sean Brosnan to get some back ground what the imprint stands for, its direction & more.

Needwant: 5 Years is available now on Traxsource.

1) Thanks so much for chatting with us, please give us a brief bio about you and the history of NEEDWANT.

Needwant has been running for 5 years and based out of London in soho. We’ve had releases from the likes of Kim Ann Foxman, The Revenge, Maxxi Soundsytem and a bunch more. We try to keep the music just focused on good quality and the artwork interesting.

2) What is the imprint’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal?

Overall goal I think is to keep things interesting and true to ourselves. My overall mission has always to look back over the catalogue and be proud, to listen back to early releases and still remember why you signed them. Not all music is worth releasing so it’s important to have a good filter and be fussy so you build a solid body of work. I hope all music lovers can find something they like about each release even if not exactly to their taste.

3) Tell us about the 5th year Anniversary…

To make 5 years as a fully fledged label is a big deal. Worth celebrating we think, as music is a tricky business so to be still rolling over 5 years is really positive. It’s a good time to look back and also look forward, a good milestone to decide what comes for the next 5.

4) Seems like a great reason to throw a party, any specific parties or events to celebrate the anniversary?

Exactly. To be honest we don’t need to many reasons to have a party but a 5th birthday has to be a big reason, so we’ve already ventured to Berlin and London happens this Saturday.

Sean Brosnan (Needwant label owner)

5) How do you A&R a record for the label, what are you listening for? (Describe the process, if any)

I’m always just looking or listening for something a bit different but with a strong foundation in the quality of the sound. I like records that have really great production, but also artists that are pushing things on. I often sign quite a few tracks early in artists career’s because I think my ears catch them at the start of a different path they are on. There’s no set process but I’m speaking to producers all the time, I get as involved as the artist want me to. Because I also compile compilations I listen to a lot of different music and I like to think have a pretty good radar on what may work.

6) Describe running a record label today, compared to even 5 years ago – what keeps you motivated?

It’s always changing, that’s the first thing. I’m not even sure the two businesses from 10 years ago and today are in anyway similar on an independent level. The same passion and possibly even music but processes and formats have completely changed. It just means you have to work harder and fit more into a day than you used too, but then technology makes things faster. So there are pro’s and con’s.

I don’t know about motivation, I love record labels and music. Record labels are the platform, the filter, the risk taker, the innovator. It’s that process that keeps me motivated. I bought dance vinyl from the age of 13 and literally grown up looking at the labels so to get the chance to do that also is a pleasure. It’s also a lot of fun bringing a record from a demo into the wider world and seeing how far it can go.

7) Who are some of the upcoming artists/releases on your label? (Plug Away)

We have a brand new release from Life Beyond Earth, killer original featuring the vocal from Cedric from Azari & iii. Then we are working on EP’s and albums for 2015 as well as some more compilations.

Needwant label page & releases on Traxsource.