Farrow - Inside The Track 'Fall In Love'

Making his debut earlier this year on the widely praised Eton Messy, Leeds-based producer Farrow instantly captured the attention of a crop of discerning fans and industry folk alike. Since then the 22 year old, originally from Nottingham, has picked up praise and airplay across BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra with support from Mary Anne Hobbs, B.Traits and Hannah Wants.

His latest remix of Says Who? ‘Fall In Love’ via Love Not Money Records is out now on Traxsource, so we sat down with him to get an indepth look his remix and more.

The Interview

1) Your latest remix for Say Who? “Fall In Love” on Love Not Money is real nice. How is it being received in your sets? & How are other club DJs responding to the release?

It’s a great release on one of my favourite labels. I’ve been following Love Not Money for a while and was buzzing when I got asked to do a remix. I heard Says Who? played my remix on the beach in Dominican Republic which is pretty cool, the perfect setting for it as well.

The Track

2) Tell us more about the remix. What was the main inspiration behind it and what prompted the musical direction?

Luke Pompey (Love Not Money) sent over the original and I loved it from the first listen. I wanted to take the vocal and rewrite the track. I enjoy taking certain elements from an original and totally changing the vibe – I think that’s what makes a good remix for me. When I take on a remix I look for a strong element that I can build a track around, sometimes it’s a vocal but it can be anything from a synth hook to just a chord.

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3) Production wise, what is it about your “Fall In Love” remix that makes it work?

The vocal melody is really strong, and works perfectly with my usual sound. I think that the vocal track paired with the uplifting piano progression gives it the overall vibe. It’s simple, it’s melodic and it’s chilled.

4) What is the one machine, program, sound, drum machine, technique that characterizes your sound?

My sound is often described as chilled and melodic. A melody is really important, but I really like to build an atmosphere in a track as well. I often use delay and reverb in a creative way on vocals or synth parts to give them character. Drenching vocal chops in reverb with a long decay time can create pad-like layers that really give the track a mood.

5) What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

Ableton Live! I’m so used to it now that it’s so quick and easy to get my ideas down. In my opinion it’s the best DAW on the market at the moment. I work with vocal parts and acapellas a lot, especially when doing remixes, and the way it handles audio is amazing. Also, I nearly always use some of the Ableton plug-ins in every production.

6) Any advice for your fans on how to make it in todayĆ­s fast paced game?

Make the music you love, not the music you think people want to hear. It’s hard to channel all your energy into a sound that just isn’t you. It’s a competitive industry and there will always be setbacks, but just enjoy what you do and put in the dedication.

Farrow artist page on Traxsource