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Tedd Patterson’s latest remix work for Muted Trax Doin’ You (Mama’s In The Kitchen) is out on Traxsource, so we got some time out of his busy travel schedule to share with us his preferences as a DJ.

Available now on Traxsource.

Are you more of a DJ or Producer—or one in the same?

Definitely more of a DJ. I love the idea of turning people onto music, always have. Being a producer is also cool, and I’m learning as I go along that there is a similar satisfaction in giving.

Describe what makes a good DJ in three or four words.

Passion, generosity, dramatics, entertainment.

Who or what inspired you to become a DJ?

I was a clubber, disco dancer, obsessed with the music and the club culture. It was an accidental marriage. I got a job by just being there when the DJ quit.

When did you know you wanted to DJ?

6 months later when I heard DJ Angelo Solar in Atlanta. Blew me away!! I was inspired by the magic. I wanted to be able to make people feel what I had felt. It was one of the most intense and inspiring experiences of my life. Im still trying to make people feel that feeling.

Who to you is/was “The DJ’s DJ”.

I’ve heard a few… David Mancuso/Larry Levan/Frankie Knuckles/Tony Humphries/Danny Tenaglia/Junior Vasquez/Louie Vega, Dave Morales… All extremely different players. Because of their unique focus on programming and craftsmanship they, individually, had seasons that changed the game for us. They inspired us (DJs) to follow their lead when things became stagnant and we were craving newness and change. I can remember a few of them having an influence on how future records were to be produced. That’s powerful. And by the way, that’s not to say that DJ Merritt, Troy Parrish, Johnny Dynell or Hex Hector didn’t do the same for us at Sugar Babies, Boy Bar or Club USA! Jus saying.

Describe your main and preferred DJ set-up.

3 CDJ 2000s (not nexus) Pioneer DJM-850 (because of built in fx) and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Do you use a lap-top? If so, what platform/program?

I used Traktor for a minute, and gave it up. I use my laptop for reference only. I play with USB sticks and I appreciate a fuller view of my collection of music than the CDJ’s offer.

Why do you choose this way of playing?

It’s what I’m most comfortable with. I prefer to not have a lot of complexities or too many options… I think that having too many can sometimes dumb down your programming when your focus becomes manipulating the machine. But each player is different. Some sound better with them.

Any special, unique, crazy things on your rider?

Not really, but maybe I should create some…

Beverage of choice while playing?

Veuve Clicquot and Pellegrino water.

Favourite country/club/city to play?

Favourite country? That’s easy… Italy!! Without a doubt. My favourite club to play is obviously Cielo in NYC. Favourite city, Naples.

Do you Sync, What’s your view on this? Has it leveled the playing field for the better or worse?

I don’t sync, but I sometimes think it would be helpful when I experience ear fatigue. I may take it on again in the future but only if needed. I have no issues with it. Purists might argue, but it’s fear based. Just find the best way for you to share the gift of music. This is about giving.

Any DJ Controllers?

Not necessary… unless they decide to sponsor me.

Favourite or “go-to EFXs while playing?

A: Depends on the gig. At Cielo I play on an Allen & Heath mixer so I use the Pioneer EFX-500. Otherwise, whatever is built into the mixer.

Read the crowd or just pound it out?

Read… and I love reading! ;)

Big festivals or intimate clubs? Why?

Intimate clubs for sure. I love clubs and I love club culture. I like being close, in the party, a part of it.
I would rather connect to you than perform for you.

Ever miss the CD’s or Vinyl days?

I miss albums and reading the credits. Collecting. Connecting the art, graphics, and design with the music and artists. I loved it!. Dragging around those hundred pound boxes or praying they would show up on the luggage belt? Don’t miss that at all.

How do you maintain your music library?

Rekordbox / Itunes / USB.

Wavs OR MP3 — WHY?

Neither! I prefer AIFF files because you cannot add artwork to Wav files!!!!! And with all of the great artwork out there (especially on Traxsourse – wink ) you’d want to have it attached to your files and not spend the extra hour converting them from Wav to Aiff and then downloading artwork in addition to connect them. Yes, I do that.

Any Tips for aspiring Young DJs?

Respect the craft, learn its history, you’ll soon be a part of it.

Do you do any of the Obligatory DJ Poses?

Just that one…. ;)

How do you combat the “Everyone is a DJ” mentality?

I don’t take it on as a thing. I have what most don’t, 34 years of history in the form of records I’ve spun in my garage. But I have been a bit hesitant lately to say that I’m a DJ because of now having to work under the umbrella of pop cultures new shit stain of pop acts called DJ’s. It now defines us in some places, but I’m working hard on changing the system from within.

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