NEW Ableton Live Presets, Vintage Chords Samples, Kele Le Roc Vocal Acapellas & More

Welcome to Sample Pack Saturday. NEW essential studio production tools, sample packs & DJ Loops featured on Traxsource to take your production & sets to the next level.

Minimal & Deep Tech Ableton Live Presets

We are proud to announce the first release from SONICWIRE SAMPLES, “MINIMAL & DEEP TECH ABLETON LIVE PRESETS”. SONICWIRE SAMPLES and world famous Producer Kuniyuki Takahashi aka KUNIYUKI hooked up to make a really useful Ableton Live Presets pack. Kuniyuki is well known for his Live acts using Ableton Live, and his skill and ideas for this software always surprises us, we are so sure that he deserves to be called “Master of Ableton Live”. “MINIMAL & DEEP TECH ABLETON LIVE PRESETS” contains Alps, Bass, Drum, FX, Keys, Pad, Synth Instrument Racks which are mainly built with Operator and Analog. Each Instruments Rack has fully assigned Macro knob control which is a really useful parameter for live shows, like filter, reverb, delay, decay, frequency…and so on. Suitable for Ableton Live 9.1.6 Suite and above.

Sonicwire Samples

Sample Republic – Vintage Chords

30 Luscious Chords designed for deep melodic elements to enrich your deep house projects. In the demo you can hear how we engineered the chords into absolutely beautiful pads, helping create a deep, warm environment on the track. The chords are given in MIDI format for you to tune and rhythmically arrange according to your track.

Sample Republic

Kele Le Roc Vocal Acapellas

Kele Le Roc is a one of a kind vocalist. The MOBO award winning artist has worked with Basement Jaxx, Coolio, Courtney Pine to name but a few and has got together with Push Button Bang, so she can work with you too! One thing you will notice immediately about Kele’s voice, is the power and range it will bring to your productions. Although she is predominately known for her early work in UK Garage and RnB, her unique vocal talent can light up any style of music. The inimitable Ms Roc has sung her heart out, providing you with a consummate selection of song concepts and vocal building blocks. Her range is so wide, you will find this collection works amazingly well for all forms of house, garage, modern RnB, DNB, chill step and much more. You will find whole song sequences, evolving phrase hooks, melodic improvisations, chants, screams, hits, vocal fx and more, all recorded and edited with industry standard tools and precision. The majority of the loop content is formed of 20 vocal stem groups. Each has a unique vocal concept and uses long stems with multiple song parts, designed for creating whole vocal led productions. There is also a large collection of phrase loops which can be used individually as hooks or vocal touches, melodic improvisation sequences . The single hit content features hundreds of improvisations, melodics, held notes, words and phrases. All content has been processed to fit perfectly in your production with minimum work. The content is reverb dry of course, however there are some effected versions to showcase possibilities and inspire you with new ideas. Loops range in length from 2 to 32 bars, While all loop content is at 128 bpm, the content can fit any modern music genre. This is a truly inspiring and versatile vocal collection, guaranteed to breath beautiful hooks melodies and true vocal power into your production, so download it now and see why everyone loves the sound of Kele Le Roc!

Push Button Bang

Studio 54 Vol. 1

600MB of mouthwatering disco riffs complimented by cutting-edge tech-driven loops expertly crafted using modern house sounds. The disco elements are divided into four themed folders containing complementary beat and musical loops designed to get the disco juices flowing in an instant. Each kit is key- and tempo-lableled (120bpm) for added ease. In the pack you will also find bonus beats which are divided into folders of full, low, percussion and tops for instant mix and match beat building – all tempo-synced at 125bpm. Add extra rhythmic spice with a choice selection of claps, crashes, shakers, snares and hats in the one-shot folder.

Sample Republic


David Herrero – Sample Magic Presents 07

Original Released: April 2011

Latin and tribal house specialists Stereo Productions return for their second Sample Magic collaboration with 460 MB of chunky tribal rhythms and funky filtered music loops designed for total house music hedonism.
Packed with a myriad of organic percussion, deep rolling basslines, French-inspired filter loops, classic keys and brass, killer vox cuts and tempo-synced FX, the collection is bursting with dancefloor-ready tools that will find fans across the house spectrum as Herrero seamlessly merges hints of tribal, funky and tech-house to stunning effect. Produced by Stereo Production’s rising Spanish star David Herrero, the collection encapsulates the intense groove-laden funk synonymous with his floor-filling productions across 388 precision-cut loops.

Sample Magic