Help Save Leading Online House Music Radio Station SSRadio!


SSRadio, one of the leading House music radio stations on the Internet, is facing closure due to the financial pressures of rising running costs.

The popular station, which has been online since 2005 and specialises in deep & soulful House music, has today announced that unless it is able to raise enough funds, it will be closing it’s doors at the end of the year.

The station has decided to ask it’s listeners to help keep the them on the air by launching a campaign to raise their target of £10,000 via the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. The Kickstarter platform helps creative projects raise money by asking for the support of their fans through financial pledges. However, funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goal in order to receive any of the money.

If their campaign is successful, the money will be used to build a brand-new platform that will enable the station to generate additional revenue through premium features, allowing them to become self-sustainable again and continue broadcasting into their second decade of existence. As a thank-you to contributors, SSRadio is offering several levels of Kickstarter ‘rewards’, including free subscriptions to the new service, and limited-edition T-shirts.

SSRadio, which has developed a large community of dedicated listeners over the last 10 years, has hosted shows from many of the biggest names in the scene, including Grant Nelson, DJ Disciple, Richard Earnshaw, Mr. V, Sean McCabe, Andy Ward, Lars Behrenroth, Nick Power and many more influential DJs and producers. The station was also one of the first to provide a podcasting facility for it’s DJs, and was the original home of the Deep House Cat show, one of the most popular weekly House music podcasts on the Internet. The station became affectionately known as ‘the podfather of House’, and is behind many of the leading House music podcasts on iTunes. They have also carried out live broadcasts at many large record label-backed events around the world such as Defected in the House, Soul Heaven, and MN2S – from destinations such as London, Miami, Chigago and Ibiza.

Last year, the station was forced to shut down their other 4 channels because of increasing music license costs, an issue that has caused the demise of many smaller online stations since the introduction of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which ruled that satellite radio and Internet radio broadcasts are required to pay performance royalties in addition to publishing royalties. This is in contrast to traditional radio broadcasters in the US which are only liable for publishing royalties, and has led to claims that these additional royalty rates are overly burdensome and intended to disadvantage independent Internet-only stations.

The future of SSRadio is in your hands

No doubt fans of the deep and soulful House music genre will be sad to see the well-respected station disappear, as will the music producers that benefit from the exposure and promotion of having their tracks featured in the playlists of the station’s discerning DJs.

If you are one of the many thousands of people that have enjoyed the music of SSRadio over the years then you can help ensure their survival by donating via their Kickstarter page at or simply by spreading the word via

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