Get to know: Scissor & Thread.

Scissor & Thread is a Brooklyn-based collaboration that’s cut from a different cloth than your average label. Patterned more like an artist development platform, Scissor and Thread is focused on talent, not tracks. The label’s roster is comprised of a tight knit collective of multi-faceted composers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists collaborating in various configurations on a diversity of projects stitched together only by their common aesthetic.

With Scissor & Thread’s latest release You Go Girl out now on Traxsource, we sat down with one of the label owners, Francis Harris, to find out more about the Scissor & Thread imprint in this exclusive label feature. Get to know: Scissor & Thread.

Available now on Traxsource.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, please give us some background on Scissor & Thread’s beginnings…

The label started when Anthony and I met for a show we did together in Miami. We were both feeling a bit out of place in the industry and wanted to do something unique and on our own terms. At the time, I was working with Shawn Schwartz from Halcyon and Output as well as Michael Scott (Soco Audio Atlanta) on starting a new imprint to put out my debut solo album Leland. Anthony was thinking to start his own as well. Our personalities and musical tastes really clicked, so it seemed like a good idea to collaborate. At first our efforts centered on remote work between Paris and New York, but Anthony eventually moved here where all the action for the label takes place. Also, since the founding, we took on a new partner, Tobias Lampe, from Superstition Network in Germany. He’s the guy behind the guy so to speak. He makes sure all of our ducks are in a row amidst the often chaotic nature of creative work.

What’s the imprint’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal?

We really adhere to a DIY ethos which really doesn’t try to over think things like genre or musical direction. We simply want to put out great music that is not only well produced, but uniquely produced. There is a lot of clean production out there today. Its easy to make a big sounding club track with software, but the ease of production leads to a lot of pedestrian sounding music that has no real character. Its important for us to put out music we feel has some sort of singular significance and also in some way reflects a culture behind it, whether that be personal or social.

Tell us about the current release “You Go Girl” by Frank & Tony.

Frank & Tony “You Go Girl” is a collaborative effort between Anthony and I that spanned the course of a year in the making. Much of it is the direct result of working a lot with analogue synths and drum machines and then mixing it in a purely outboard environment. The sound become much more raw than anything we had done before. This coupled with the inspiration we found with our monthly residency “Punch Drunk Love “ at Output in New York, resulted in what we felt was a pure reflection of who we currently are as artists, at least within the context of club music. Fundamentally, though, You Go Girl, was meant to be a nod to what we feel is at the heart of house music, productions and DJ sets that are a direct reflection of a sense of community, rather than a culture of vanity. And by community, we mean inclusive, not exclusive.

Describe what it’s like running a record label today – what keeps you motivated? (Compared to even say 5 or 10 years ago)

Its certainly not a money thing, as making money running a label is not really a real reality these days. We feel the label is merely a place where we can leave some sort of an archive of our relationships, both artistic and personal. That, and it can be a lot of fun.

How do you A&R a record for Scissor & Thread, what are you listening for? (Describe the process, if any)

Its really all about relationships. Most of our releases are through mutual friends and musicians who are part of our lives here in NY. We feel record labels should have culture behind them to have any real impact and that culture is merely a mirror of the community in which you live. Its as simple as that really.

What’s next for 2015 and Scissor & Thread? Plug Away!

We have the follow up EP from our new artist Desert Sound Colony dropping in early 2015, a collaborative EP between Francis Harris and Gabe Hedrick, and the long awaited LP from Black Light Smoke.

Scissor & Thread label page & releases on Traxsource.

Scissor & Thread