Doorly provides the 'Rush'

Doorly is a jack of all trades when it come to producing and DJing music. Whether he’s playing a sweaty basement, on RinseFM, at a sold out arena, or being Usher’s backing dj, he’s always pushing boundaries with his sets.

His latest release ‘Rush’ is a departure from his previous sound and is essentially the most perfect 90’s house song that never existed. This homage to piano house is the most honest throwback we’ve heard in a long time.

It comes with a great variety of remixes, Rail and Priors gives it an all out subby drum ‘n’ bass treatment, while Problem Child brings it into 2-Step territory. And finally Lenkemz delivers an explosive post-apoc future juke remix that will blow you away. ‘Rush’ is huge and as a package with all the remixes it’s over.

‘Rush’ is out now on Mad Decent.