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Lany Recordings is the brainchild of leading Belgian DJ & producer Maxim Lany. Playing all over Belgium and beyond since years and meeting loads of likeminded people in the process it was only logical that Maxim would take his DJ experience towards recording and releasing music of his own. The spirit of anything Lany has always been to have a good time with friends and share that with as many people as possible. That’s why on Lany Recordings you will only find friends of Maxim, friends sharing the same passion and love for quality dance music. Four years in the running, Lany Recordings has gathered attention from many big players in the game.

Lany Recordings latest release Brothers EP is out now on Traxsource & to coincide with this, Maxim Lany took some time to share 5 influential tracks & releases from his imprint.

“Brothers EP” available now on Traxsource.

1. Maxim Lany – First Love (Lany Recordings, 2009)

It can be coincidence or not but the title says it all. This is, for me, my very first own track. I had worked on tracks before, of course, but this one is for me the one that sticks to me like a first time. I just fell in love with the samples I used to create this dreamy, melancholic, sexy and yet timeless vibe. The fact that the track survives time so well and still gets a lot of attention is the proof that you should always follow your own instinct and feelings.

2. Larse – The More I Want (Lany Recordings, 2011)

When I first got this track, which was sent over by my good friend Ante, I didn’t know that I would launch the career of a very talented producer from Dortmund.
As soon as the vinyl was released, which contained four killer tracks, I got calls from all over the place. People were freaking out. Noir asked me if I wanted to license it to his label and the rest is history. On a crazy afternoon in Panorama Bar Steffi was playing the vinyl with Larse’s track. People instantly asked what track she was playing and she pointed towards me saying that it was my vinyl. Talking about a beautiful memory.

3. Maxim Lany – Cuncambias (Lany Recordings, 2012)

Originally released on We Play House Recordings as a limited vinyl only EP. it was only a matter of time before I could convince my friend Bart to release it digitally on Lany Recordings. Happy to have made this decision as this still is one of the most requested tracks I have made and released. When first released there were videos on Youtube with Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler playing the track at The Warehouse Project in UK. Still proud of that seeing where they are now on top of their game.

4. Ante Perry – Tief Dekoltiert (Lany Recordings, 2012)

It was after one of our legendary studio sessions in Belgium that Ante made this track at his place back in Dortmund. He called me saying he was so excited and came back from our studio time full of inspiration and that he made the track at once. This shows to me how valuable close friendships are in this business and also how it can shape the vision of an imprint. It is a timeless track with the most respect for the genre. Goosebumps, every time.

5. This Is Lany Recordings Vol. 1 (Lany Recordings, 2013)

This compilation was very important to me and to the label. It is the outcome of a close collaboration between all people involved. Our fantastic distribution, the promotion agency, the artists who made the sound we stand for. That’s what this compilation stands for. And the fact that it was so well received was a confirmation that we, as a small independent label definitely need to keep on doing what we do.
 Share the feeling.

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