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Launching into a saturated market of here today and gone tomorrow digital labels might sound like a risky business, but when the label founders are Simon Morell (DDD) Matt Long (mono_cult) and 2020 visions boss Ralph Lawson, you can be assured that attention to detail will be second to none with only the highest standard of artists and music being signed.

 Not afraid to experiment with styles and tempos FINA embraces everything from low slung techy grooves, with a splattering of disco through to the deeper shades of house produced by both up and coming talent and more established acts on the scene today. If variety is the spice of life then Fina is the label which provides just that.

FINA Records latest release from Detroit artist Appian entitled Chatter EP is out now on Traxsource, so we decided to catch up with one of the label founders, Simon Morell, to find out which 5 defining tracks have helped shaped FINA Records so far…

Chatter EP available now on Traxsource.

1. Roberto Rodriguez ‘Keep Thinking Of You‘ 

This was our 3rd release on FINA. We actually got this by default as Roberto was going to give us another track but then decided to put that out on his own label. So in return he gave us Keep Thinking Of You. Not a bad swap at all as it turned out to be a defining track for FINA; the baseline and hypnotic vocal make it a timeless record which will never leave my box. In fact, Move D asked us for another copy on vinyl recently as he’d worn his out! We were pretty chuffed with that.

2. Rick Wade  - ‘Sweet Life’

When Rick sent me the original demo of ‘Sweet Life’, it included a vocal – which was nice – but which I felt it didn’t need. So he went away stripped it out, giving those amazing strings and latin groove more prominence and space to breath. I love the originality of this record which is something very important to us when signing records. And it was great to see it resonating with a wide audience. It featured high in the digital and vinyl charts and seemed to hang around for ages. It also gained lots of love from both press and radio.

3. Powel ‘Cloud City’

Powel is amazing producer and somebody I definitely want to work with again. His productions are super deep but always retain plenty of warmth – which is an essential element of FINA’s sound. The EP was heavily supported by Sonica Radio in Ibiza this summer and so I was really pleased with that.

4. Francis Inferno Orchestra – ‘Astral Breeze’

We are massive fans of Francis – he always injects a bit of disco into his sound and this EP is full of it. ‘Astral Breeze’ has that old skool house sound going on but with plenty of originality, piano’s and funk, all key factors for us when we sign a record.

5. Taron Trekka ‘Alelle FU’

‘Alelle Fu’ has got a proper 90’s French sound to it. I used to love the house coming out of France in the 90’s from labels such as Versatile and Crydamoure and it is a sound that has definitely influenced me in some of the signings we’ve made over the last few years.

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