In The Hood with Kevin Over

Noir has been a long time time fan of the highly versatile talents of German producer Kevin Over, so when he agreed agreed to work on a brand new EP for his Noir Music label, he was super excited! News.traxsource grabbed a few moments with Kevin for a chat…

Tell us how you put ‘Hood Funk’ together and how you go about compiling tracks?

I always try to reveal a topic or theme in my EP releases. This one consists of 5 tracks, which are all containing a lot of sampling action and a good breeze of deepness. This time I tried to transport some of the 90s-warmth and combined it with some simple but rough-beat constructions. That’s it :)

Who or what most inspire’s you musically?

The art of sampling and rawness of the music by KiNK ; the warmth and deepness of some Oldskool-heads like Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan, but also the soul spirit transported by the amazing Curtis Mayfield and Gil Scott – Heron in the earlier days.

Any plans for a new album?

No plans yet. Anyway, it’s one of the most challenging things for a musician. I think you need to feel when the time is right to do an album. Neither I wouldn’t be up to just work out a collection of tracks focusing on 4/4 and the dancefloor.

What are your thoughts on the Berlin music scene right now?

The night and club scene in Berlin isn’t comparable to any other city in Germany. You can definetely talk about 24/7 clubbing there. I’m always impressed and suprised by how many good artists you can see on a tuesday or wednesday in this city, but I wouldn´t see Berlin still as a place for new progression in music, like it is still hyped these days. In general new movements are not based on a city anymore. It’s a global thing!

Anyone cool and upcoming who we should be on the look out for?

Just don’t know him personally, but I’ve been just impressed by the music of Frits Wentink.
His. ‘Barry Tone EP’ took the whole underground thing on another level. Analog roughness meets top-class production skills. Really outstanding!

Who would you most like to work with on a production?

Like I’ve already mentioned, I’d favor KiNK. I think he´s one of the most creative heads in the scene right now. You have to check out his Youtube Channel ( to get a short overview of his live jams and of how he modulates sounds,samples and synths. AMAZING!

What’s been the best gig for you this year so far?

I think it was the Prinzenbar in Hamburg, where I had really good times this year with my buddies Bob Morane and John Lagora. Very small, but special-looking location,which takes you in another century. A place with a beautiful crowd and a really intense atmosphere!

What can we expect from Kevin Over in 2013? New tracks, remixes etc..

Coming up next are some remixes for Kolombo on Seoul Community (17.12.2012) and Moston & Malente on No Brainer Recordings (TBA 2013). Furthermore my track ‘Hood Funk’ will be featured on really big house label.which is rich in tradition, in January 2013. New EP’s are coarsely planned too. Just watch out for stuff on labels like Noir Music, Seoul Community and Audio Safari

Kevin Over ‘Hood Funk’ is out now on Noir Music.