Get to Know: Love Inc Music

London label Love Inc just dropped their 12th release Goodbye by Daniel Dubb out on Traxsource & with the label is still in its infancy, we wanted to delve deeper into what the label is all about and stands for, so we caught up with the founders of the imprint Pete, Andy, & Simon to find out.

Available now on Traxsource.

The Interview

1) Pete, Andy, thanks chatting with us. Give us some insight & background on the Love Inc label.

PETE: Love Inc was founded and is co-owned by three established industry professionals, Simon Marlin, Andy Reid, and myself. The concept for the label all started early in 2014, Simon and Max (The Shapeshifters) had just signed on with me for management and Simon floated out the idea about starting up a new label. He wanted to develop a world renowned, quality imprint that could stand the test of time and deliver incredible house music. Andy and I had been looking for a way to work together for quite some time and with Andy’s impressive resume of managing labels it was a natural fit.

ANDY: All 3 of us had professional and personal relationships with each other independently for many years, so coming together was an easy decision and made it quite simple really as we all had respect and trust in each others abilities, experience, and professionalism. I think it’s also given us a leg up for a new label as combined we have over 60 years of experience in house music and trust in our ears for quality tracks, and how to make an impact in today’s market.

2) What’s Love Inc’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal?

SIMON: For musical direction, we have a simple philosophy, house music that we all agree is of top quality. I think the key is that the 3 of us come to mutually agree on every record we sign. We all have slightly different takes and perspectives on what makes great house music.

ANDY: Simon’s track record as an iconic producer and DJ speaks for itself and his knack for finding hidden gems we’d put up against anyone actively A&Ring right now. Pete has great insight on a Balearic and left-field side with his roots at Mambo Ibiza, and I bring over 2 decades of experience from my media background in founding to 20+ years of DJing. When you combine that together and evaluate each release, we can all put in a great perspective and view on what will work and what won’t.

SIMON: I think our catalog is already a testament to how strong our releases have been and also that there’s quite a bit of diversity from a Balearic bomb like “Milagro” to a deep, moody, techy monster in “Realize”, to a deep house weapon like “Swear Down”. At the end of the day, the overall goal is to release great music within the house spectrum that create a strong identity for what we do. We want people to feel “it’s a new Love Inc release, I need to pick that up”.

Love Inc’s label page & releases on Traxsource.

Love Inc

3) Tell us about one of the current releases “Be Free” by The Shapeshifters.

ANDY: The current single is brand new from The Shapeshifters and features an amazing vocalist from Pacific State named Berri Farley.

SIMON: “Be Free” was originally a full, soulful vocal affair which we felt didn’t represent our sound fully at the time of writing with Berri last year. We re-discovered it recently and set about updating it and making it more reflective of our DJ sets today, rolling House grooves and memorable vocal moments; and we are really happy with the results. We’ve road tested it fully and it’s been getting a perfect response, so I played it for Pete and Andy and got the full thumbs up! Berri is one of the most exciting new vocalists out there and we predict big things for her so we are over the moon to have her on this release with us.

4) Describe running a record label today – what keeps you motivated? (Compared to even say 5 or 10 years ago)

ANDY: Essentially a lot of the day to day functions of running a label haven’t really changed. It’s still about finding the best music and delivering it to the world. The ways we execute that delivery obviously has evolved as social media is now such a prominent and vital factor in success. But we still do a lot of promo work to fellow industry tastemakers and media. There’s even more noise and releases to compete with every week, so you really need to put a strong effort into making people even aware that your music exists.

PETE: We have a small team, but our connections and respect level within the industry run deep, and I think that, that, combined with the quality of our releases has catapulted us into a label that garners attention from our peers. We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of support from top DJs and from the retailers such as Traxsource and that has given us a strong foundation within the community as a label to trust. Simon: In terms of motivation, it came together at ADE this year. When you’re in it day to day, you see the chart numbers, you see big DJs playing the tracks on their radio shows or in live sets, but it sort of passes you by as great and positive, but doesn’t really sink in. Walking around Amsterdam and actually talking with our friends, peers, and fellow industry types and getting that sense of true respect and kudos really hit home and gave us confidence that we’re doing things right and making an impact on the community through amazing music.

5) How do you A&R a record for Love Inc, what are you listening for? (Describe the process, if any)

PETE: We’ve mentioned it before, but the way we A&R is simple, if we are all really feeling a track, we sign it. Given our different tastes and experience it gives us great perspective on every track we sign. By coming together and all having to agree, it’s led us to sign top quality tracks. The bar is high to get on the label.

SIMON: We rely on our experience and ears to help dial tracks in and also see potential gems in demos and put a spin on it to lead the producers to try tweaks or changes that will elevate the track to the next level and make it worthy of a Love Inc release. Sometimes people nail it on the original demo, other times it’s a work in progress, either way if we all feel we can get the track to where it needs to be then it will be welcomed into the family.

6) What’s next for Love Inc in 2015?

ANDY: We have one more release for this year which is an absolute bomb from Daniel Dubb called “Goodbye” which is out now on Traxsource.

Then for the new year we have a ton of amazing singles already locked and loaded that should continue the trend. We will be welcoming back new tracks from Asle, Kisch, and IDQ, introducing some more fresh new talent including Dare Me, and Tomos Henri, and adding some established artists to the fold including DJ E-Clyps, Edge Zoo2, as well as more new stuff from The Shapeshifters. And you can’t forget the incredible Bazzo Ruthel returning as well. Further to that we’ll be launching a compilation series around WMC 2015 and we are working right now on starting up Love Inc club nights. Other than that be sure to subscribe to our monthly radio show hosted by The Shapeshifters, Love Inc Radio, to stay up to date on our latest releases and events.