DJ Oats In 5 records

In the last 3 years Botswana’s DJ Oats has quickly assembled a strong resume with some of the leading global deep-afro-soul labels. His work on Open Bar Music, Tribe Records, United Music, Jellybean Soul, Kings Of Groove has given him a place among the top independent dance music artists of 2014. As Botswana becomes a hot bed for talent, top Djs (Osunlade, Rocco, Oscar P, Julius the Mad Thinker, Marques Wyatt) are already smashing up his new offering A Trip To Capetown EP, out now on Open Bar Music. 

To coincide with his latest two project’s, the already mentioned A Trip To Capetown EP & Khoisan Dance EP out now on Traxsource, we had him share 5 tracks of his own that have been influential in his career thus far.

1. Dj Oats Ft Apollo D, Samba T & Cybil Nyte – Wakanaka (Open Bar Music)

This holds the #1 spot because its a track where I had to work with hip-hop artists. Its a banger and I can’t wait to get feedback on it. Its also one of those tracks where we had many labels wanting to release it. It was featured on my album HOUSE UNIVERSITY YEAR ONE, that dropped this year.

2. Dj Oats – A Trip To Cape Town (Open Bar Music)

This one is a special one. Its inspired by the trip I took to Cape Town to perform along Zimbabwean jazz legend Oliver Mthukudzi & my vocalist Bernadette M. It was also my first time performing in Western Cape.

3. Dj Oats Ft Stephanie – You (Open Bar Music)

It was my debut on Open Bar Music, with Benny T’s remix making it to the #9 spot on the Afro House Top 100. It was also #1 on The Hot 99 on YFM (SA). Oscar P’s remix also cracked the Top 100 and made noise in the USA. Many radio stations added this to their playlists. 

4. Dj Oats Ft Konkrete – Bukalanga

This track introduced Dj Oats to many outside of Swana. Boddhi Satva and Rocco played this in their sets. The track has my blood, sweat & tears on it. It gave me airplay that I had not experienced before. DJ Fresh led the charge on his show on 5FM (SA) and we built from there.

5. Dj Oats Ft Mel-D – Kam’selele

This closes my top 5 picks. My first track on United Music Records with Renato Xtrova’s remix doing damage on the Traxsource chart all the way to #13. It also had international remixes from Jose Marquez & Benny T. It’s about unity through music. It also gave me the platform to showcase my music with the top DJ producers around the world.

Also check out DJ Oats ‘Khoisan Dance EP’ out on Traxsource

DJ Oats