Bobbin Head Music In 5 Records

Bobbin Head Music is a Sydney, Australian Independent record label formed by the people, for the people & founded by Lawrence Huskinson aka Husky who is well known as part of the Random Soul production team.

The labels latest release Boy Trippin is out now on Traxsource, so caught up with Lawrence, to find out which 5 defining tracks have helped shaped the label so far…

Boy Trippin’ available now on Traxsource.

1. Husky Feat Fourfeet “Hard To Find” (2013)

The first release on the label, and it was so great to see this one chart in the deep house chart on Traxsource.
Having always been an admirer of Justin (Fourfeet’s) vocals, this collaboration was exciting to work on and a truly inspirational piece of work looking back at it. It was a long time coming and many months in the mix. Carl Hanaghan turned out a great Balearic remix that is just perfect for summer time car rides and poolside bars. Def a great way to start the label!

2. Husky “Hypnotic” (2013)

This one really surprised me, as the creative shell for ‘Hypnotic’ did not take long to come together. It was more of an experiment track that I was planning on shopping to a deeper house label, but after putting my own vocals on it and playing it out a few times, it felt like a solid fit for Bobbin and I decided to throw it in with some other tracks I had lined up.

I am glad I included it, as this record hit number 2 on Traxsource’s main page and number 1 for almost 4 weeks on the Deep House chart for 2013. It has been Bobbin’s most successful record to date and helped to gain the label some great attention overseas.

All of a sudden I had a lot of people sending me demo’s for the label that perhaps thought I was only doing more ‘soulful/funky’ music before, so it was really a positive record all round.

The other tracks on the EP also did really well, with ‘Alcudia Sunset’ being signed to a Toolroom & Hed Kandi compilation.

3. Promonova “My Soldier” (2014)

This year was definitely about signing some more people to the label as I have been working on my debut album. I was really stoked to get this disco/soulful jam sent over from Russian producer; Promonova and I snapped it up right away. Having been following him and enjoying a few of his releases in the last few years, it was a great project for the label. Great vocals from Janine Johnson made the remix choice very easy for me, and I called on the soulful maestro Richard Earnshaw to work his magic. Of course, he did just that and the track soon landed in the top 10 for Soulful House.

I also enjoyed going a little deeper and garage esc on my remix, which helped to take this package to a broader audience. It was so great to see this one chart well and get plays from some of the biggest in the business.

4. Set Mo “Still Waters” (2013)

Was stoked to pick up this interesting vocal track from the Sydney based, Set Mo. Something about this song just grabbed me as soon as I heard it. The smokey vocals combined with their rising synths and classic stripped back drums just all worked in harmony. Not bad for one of their 3rd or 4th tracks!

On the remix it was great to have the renowned Drop Out Orchestra from Sweden. Best known for their disco infused tracks, littered with 70’s strings and tightly wrapped in analogue synths that rip through speakers. They really nailed this remix in my eyes. (We also just released a dope single from them called ‘Dream Denial’, so Check it!)

I also gave the track a classic house rework. By putting a more hypnotic groove on it with a nice piano lift, this one was def on my rotation for a while!

All round a really nice EP to listen to over and over and of course rock some dance floors. Look out for these guys, they’ll be all over the shop soon enough.

5. Husky feat Natalie Conway “Boy Trippin” Bobbin Head Music (2014)

This is the latest release on the label and last for 2014. It’s an older project that was actually recorded almost 2 years ago with Natalie to a completely different groove. After working on it for ages and finding the right remixers, I think it’s been well worth the wait.

I am really proud to have Full Intention & Soledrifter on the remix with this one, and am excited to see what people think. Full Intention have been some of my favourite producers for over 10+ years, so working with them has definitely been a career highlight and achievement for a label that’s only essentially been around for 18 months.

Bobbin Head Music releases on Traxsource.

Bobbin Head Music