5 Questions w/ Hercules & Love Affair: Traxsource Excusive

The collaborative rotating door of personalities that makes up Hercules and Love Affair has always been a broad church. Ringmaster Andy Butler says he has only one consideration when assembling a new line-up for a pristine phase of his epic musical journey through the dynamics of past, present and future night-life. “The key to the Hercules project is that I don’t want people coming to the table with nothing to say.”

Currently climbing up the charts on Traxsource (has hit #2 so far overall) and screaming to officially hit #1, we caught up with Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair to chat about the Do You Feel The Same? release out on Traxsource via Defected, a new label in the horizon, the group, 2015 & more in this Exclusive Interview.

“Do You Feel The Same?” available now on Traxsource.

The Interview

1) Hey Andy, congrats on the amazing record – let’s dive right in, your latest release climbing up the charts is “DO YOU FEEL THE SAME?”- tell us a little bit about it.

It’s a fusion of acid house/vocal house that operates lyrically in that classic tradition of longing and heartbreak which is a theme in great house music and disco. I think it’s pretty epic.

2) We feel the same, it is defiantly an “epic” record. For those who don’t know, Hercules Love Affair is a group made up of…

Myself as producer and main songwriter, a variety of other vocalists that I approach to participate as guests like Gustaph on this track (there have been over 10 singers across 3 albums) and other musicians and producers that I enlist to help realize my music.

3) That is a very cool way of doing things. So where does the artist name ‘Hercules & Love Affair’ emanate from, what’s its meaning & why did you choose it?

I like Greek mythology and have since I was a kid. I loved how artists like acid house producers assumed Greek mythological names (i.e. Adonis and Marshall Jefferson as Hercules) and that it was a theme in the hedonistic disco days. It also speaks to the wider spectrum of sexuality and gender which is an aspect of Hercules and Love Affair as well.

4) Now that’s deep! Tell about the well fitted accompanying music video?

It’s a post apocalyptic hyper colourful deconstructed ballet shot in a desert landscape. It was born out of an amazing collaboration between directors Alex and Liane- who brought the exciting idea of infrared cameras and shooting in nature to the table, Josh Johnson of the William Forsythe Ballet, who brought a brilliant deconstructed choreography to the table, and Bernard Wilhelm who is brought an absurdity and rebelliousness in costume to the participants.

5) Last question for you, just what is next for 2015?

I am releasing a bunch of music on my label mr.intl records for myself and other artists, DJing a bunch, doing a healthy bit of touring with Hercules and plotting the next Hercules record! Phew! It’s gonna be good, I can feel it.

Hercules & Love Affair artist page & releases on Traxsource.

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