Lost My Dog - Our Favourite Milton Jackson Records.

To mark a decade in business we’ve put together a monthly compilation series called 10×10, each edition including 10 highlights from one of our 10 years.

The 2008 compilation hit stores just before the New Year, and it features a remix from one of our favourite artists: Milton Jackson.

Lost My Dog 10 X 10 – 2008 available now on Traxsource.

Milton’s take on Dominic Martin’s Touch Of Soul is one of the best-loved remixes from our back catalogue, and hearing it again got us thinking about some of Milton’s other highlights from the past decade or so.

“So here are our personal 5 favourite Milton Jackson tracks… let us know if you agree in the comments below!”

1. 1998

One of the greatest records of the last decade in our book an eerie slice of deep house released on Glasgow label Tronicsole back in 2006 that works just as well in warm up, peak time, or after hours. An absolute beast of a track.

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2. Cycles

Blazing synths in pleasing harmony over relentless four-to-the-floor beats… this beauty dropped on Freerange Records in 2007 and screams sunrise over Ibiza with your mates (at least to us it does). One of those rare ‘hands in the air’ moments in underground house, no?

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3. Dominic Martin – Touch Of Soul (Milton Jackson Remix)

We’re biased, but we really do love this one. There’s another side to Milton’s game here too, with drums thicker than a brickie’s neck and synths so caustic they’d burn a hole (zing!). Milton took his mate Dominic’s original mix and dragged it into the early hours kicking and screaming.

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4. Ghosts In My Machine

This quirky weapon was on Milton’s album Crash, and those snappy beats and off-kilter melodies brought M.A.N.D.Y. to mind and had European dancefloors raving back in 2009. We remember Sonar dancefloors going crazy to this.

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5. Crash

Few artists build harmonies as well as Milton, and the title track from Crash delivers them in finely tuned bursts of pleasure. The video is worth a watch too, if only to see a bottle smashed over our favourite Glaswegian’s head.

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