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“Crumpled Music” was founded in January 2013. The founders of the label are two Russian musicians Mangaka (Ilya Mangazeev) and Olej (Oleg Mishchikhin). “We just wanted to release our music on our own label …” – says one of the founders of the label. Label is focused on melodic music style Deep, Nu disco, Electronic, Chill. Later, “Crumpled Music” began to release music of other musicians. In 2014 Paul Twins (Pavel Pavlov) from Stereoteric joined the team of “Crumpled Music”. Tracks of the “Crumpled Music” can be heard in podcasts of famous DJ’s (Da Funk, The Disclosure Project, Rishi K, Mickey Imperi, Sparkless).

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The latest project from the Crumpled Music camp To Be Free (Remixes) is out on Traxsource right now & to coincide with this, we caught up with the label founders Mangaka & Olej to find out which 5 defining tracks have helped shaped the label so far…

1. Serj V – Extreme Night (Nicolas Kotowicz Remix)

Release from our friend – Serj V (Sergey Maltsev), which was released as a single with a variety remixes. However, remix by Nicolas Kotowicz (Nikita ) was the most successful and popular and by the way the best-selling!

2. Magic Surfer – Believe in You (Aerobatics One Remix)

Nu Disco single with two remixes from our friends (Magic Surfer, Aerobatics). EP was very successful and colorful. Perhaps you will like the most “Remix One” by Aerobatics, because it very positive and energetic!

3. BlueAzure – Making Faces (Original Mix)

BlueAzure (Jamie Bridle) – musician from Britain, who offered “Crumpled Music” to release his two tracks “Making Faces” and “Stars”. We decided to accept an offer, because both tracks were very decent and we had to make a difficult choice between two of them. If you listen, you will understand it perfectly!

4. Mangaka – Racoon’s Lair (Original Mix)

When you start working on a new track, you do not know what to expect in the end. “Racoon’s Lair” is a calm melancholic melody style Deep House. Dive into your imagination and listen deep and hypnotic bass “Racoon’s Lair”.

5. David Oniani – Chicago Jazz (Original Mix)

“Chicago Jazz” – track by Russian musician David Oniani, who approached the first line of the top 100 traxsource.сom of Soulful House! EP “Chicago Jazz” was freely available. But thanks to Pavel, we released the EP on “Crumpled music”. And we did not regret! The release was very popular and saleable!

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