Greenville Massive deliver the 'Good's

Greenville Massive are Jesper Larsen and Simon Knøsgaard, two Danish producers with a flair for making deeply intricate electronic music with a heavily melancholic aesthetic. Having impressed with previous releases on Initials and Soul Sheep Music, they now present the stunning four track ‘Bonum EP’ (which is Latin for ‘good’) on UK label Tenth Circle.

Opener ‘Bonum’ is deep, emotive house music of the very highest order. Simply structured yet incredibly detailed and engaging, its rising, softly shimmering pads and voluptuous bass thumps slowly build a fragile tension that is never quite released. ‘Autumn’ is more dancefloor-orientated, with a metallic pulse of a bassline lying at its core. Driving and powerful, it nevertheless boasts the shifting, melancholy soundscapes found in the best of their work. ‘Mana’ focuses its attentions of a deep, throbbing groove; a 10 minute epic that’s easy to get lost in as half caught whispers of ghostly vocals are cast aside by the heavy, low-end interplay of the kick and bass combination. Rounding off the EP is ‘Play’, a super-slow, elegiac house cut that gently tugs at the heart strings.

Greenville Massive ‘Bonum EP’ is out now on Tenth Circle.