This Week In Pictures

We attended The BPM festival this year & here are some highlights from our visit.
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“Jesse Perez putting in work @thebpmfestival – IAHG Party, Mamita’s”

“We’re here!!! #BPM #BPM2015”

“The best of them… #BPM #BPM2015”

“Not everyone understands house music. #BPM #BPM2015 #realhousemusic #traxsource”

“Day 5 just getting started… thebpmfestival #bpm #bpm2015 #playadelcarmen #mexico”

This Week In Pictures

We’ve shown you a bit of our BPM 2015 encounters, now here’s this week’s pictorial round-up of what went on in the lives of some of our beloved producers, DJ’s and labels whilst out on their travels…

Nervous Records

“Amazing morning of BEATS at pacha with Oscar G!” @Nervous Records


“In the final stages of completion of our new single “Rendezvous”…..coming soon on Guess Records.” @Spiritchaser


“Impromptu studio setup in Sydney! Thanks Ken and Pat” @SESSION VICTIM

The BPM Festival

“Sweet photo from ibizasonica before their #BPM2015 #Tulum pop up party” @thebpmfestival

Sonny Fodera

“Tough day dealing with these 2 guys” @Sonny Fodera

Sam Divine

“Thailand 2015” @Sam Divine


“#dontgochasingwaterfalls” @TILL VON SEIN

Todd Terry

“Todd and DJ E-Clyps busy in the studio” @Todd Terry

The BPM Festival


Detroit Swindle

“Can’t really fathom we’ve actually seen this beast in real life! ‪#‎tonto‬ ‪#‎modular‬ ‪#‎synth‬” @Detroit Swindle

Lupe Fuentes

“Missing really sunny days. #nature” @Lupe Fuentes

Dale Howard

“So good to be able to stay for a a few extra days after my gig here. Went into the desert on quad bikes today and watched the sunset..” @Dale Howard


“Finally we made it to #Teotihuacan, Mexico. #amazing #planet #tribe #art #centralmexico #cityofgods” @Crazibiza

The BPM Festival

“#BPM2015 tattoo sighting! #BPM4Life #Dedication” @thebpmfestival

Will Monotone

“Only in NYC can you watch a moving truck park in front of a fire hydrant and get out and put a box over it to hide so he can park there and not get a ticket lol” @Will Monotone

Oliver Dollar

“Australia tour has come to an end. Have had an amazing time down under and I hope to be back very soon! Shout out to Defected Records, Thick as Thieves, Franky Rizardo, Sonny Fodera” @Oliver Dollar


“When you power up the old gear and find the saved songs from 15years ago. #scrappy “ @Wookie

DJ Tonka

“5! 230 250 280 SL #sl #mercedes #pagode spotted in a #munich #backyard” @DJ Tonka

C. Castel

“Perfect day for long boarding ;)” @C. Castel

DJ Pierre

“This is where I am (((((almost))))) every 3rd Saturday. YES…that’s a boombox for a door. The Music Room. Atlanta. #housemusic #acidhouse #themusicroomatl” @DJ Pierre

La Fleur

“Won the P3 Guld price for ‘Best Electronic Arrtist’ 2014!” @La Fleur

The BPM Festival

“paradiseprds at thebpmfestival” @thebpmfestival