Sandy Rivera Fills in the Blanks

Whichever way you look at it, you know who Sandy Rivera is. Whether it’s the words to ‘Finally’, the album you have by Kings of Tomorrow, the stunning production that infiltrates ALL the way through ‘FREAK’ or the untold mixes that have penetrated the dance charts over the past 20 years; you KNOW who Sandy Rivera is.

“Physical” available now on Traxsource.

Sandy’s latest release Physical is out now on Traxsource, so we decided to drop him some quick fire questions & find out a little more about Mr K.O.T. Here’s Sandy Rivera Finishing Our Sentences.

  • My favourite food is… Crab Legs.
  • My favourite sport is… Sex, it’s like a sport if you put more effort into it.
  • If I wasn’t a DJ I’d be a… Music Producer.
  • My record label is… Blackwiz Records.
  • I’d love to work with… Hector Couto.
  • My track of the moment is… “Physical”

Sandy Rivera’s artist/label pages on Traxsource.

Sandy Rivera

Blackwiz Records

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