Lost My Dog - Our Favourite Nacho Marco Trax.

To mark a decade in business we’ve put together a monthly compilation series called 10×10, each edition including 10 highlights from one of our 10 years.

The 2009 compilation hit stores this week, and it features a remix from one of our good friends, Nacho Marco. If you don’t know Nacho, then you’re missing out – he’s one of the most talented producers out there, with a back catalogue spanning some of the greatest house labels around: Freerange, Classic, and Ovum amongst them. He’s also an absolute wizard on the 303, 808, and pretty much every bit of kit Roland ever created.

Lost My Dog 10 X 10 – 2009 available now on Traxsource.

Nacho’s remix of Pete Dafeet’s Alto was our highlight of 2009, made even more special by hearing Fred Everything destroy Fabric’s room 1 with it.

“So, to celebrate re-issuing the remix, we thought we’d share our 5 favourite Nacho Marco tracks… have a listen, and let us know if you agree!”

1. Raw District ft. Ladybird – Those Lies (Nacho Marco Remix)

This one is 100% pure Nacho – 303 acid, raw drums, dripping with soul. Released on David Duriez’s recently reborn Brique Rouge last year, this is THAT perfect summer track.

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2. Midnight Man

A remake of a cult Balearic classic, Nacho released this one on Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter’s Classic Music Company last summer. A delicious cut of deep house – works just as well in the club on Saturday night as in your kitchen the next morning.

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3. Pete Dafeet – Alto (Nacho Marco remix)

We had to include this one, of course. It’s a contender for the warmest track in our back catalogue, with those fat, pulsing beats and warm pads that seem to drip down from the ceiling… and when that bass kicks in, POWWWEERRR as our good friend Ryan Bliss used to scream every time he heard it.

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4. The Way Out

Nacho released this beauty in 2013 on Josh Wink’s iconic Ovum Recordings. Sounding like the bastard love child of David Duriez and Derrick May (well, to us it does), this one chugs and chugs and chugs, relentlessly knocking the socks off all comers. We hear this and we think BOAT PARTY!!!!!

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5. Bang Bang – Susan Cries (Nacho Marco Acid Remix)

There were so, so many contenders for the final spot… but we flipped the bird and decided on another of our own. This remix came out around the time Nacho played an absolute blinding set to 10,000 in Sonar By Night’s outside space. We were there, we danced until we fell over, and this reminds us of that night… hats off to you Nacho!

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