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Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent. Childhood friends from their native Florence, the Supernova project was formed back in 2003 after a chance reunion in Milan at a party, since when Supernova have gone on to create an incredible array of house music anthems.

Emiliano and Giacomo are regular touring DJ’s, playing around the world in hot spots like Italy, Greece, Miami & Canada, so we wanted to find out more about their personal preferences & tastes in club land. This is How Supernova DJ’s. Also check out the latest offering from Supernova Suite 58 EP which is out on Traxsource.

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1) Are you two more DJ’s than Producers – or one in the same?

We are a duo and we can dedicate our time developing both, the DJ side as well as the production side. That’s why we love to be a duo and we are still here after 10 years! We feel both sides are really important to us.

2) Describe what makes a good DJ in a few words…

The love of music, his continuous research, a special charisma, great intuition and the feeling to want to connect with people.

3) Who or what inspired you to become a DJ?

The need to communicate with people with a universal language. Playing music not only with a single instrument or playing only with a single genre.

4) When did you know you wanted to DJ?

At 15 years old and our minds were changed forever!

5) Who to you guys is or was “The Dj’s DJ”.

God is a DJ!

6) Describe your main and preferred DJ set-up, do you use a lap-top? If so, what platform/program?

We work with 2 laptops (one with traktor and 1 with Ableton), 2 mixers, 2 NI X1, 1 NI F1 (to control tracktor), 1 H&H K2, 1 Lounchpad Mini , 1 Lounchkey Mini (to control Ableton).

7) Why do you choose this way of playing?

It’s a really good way to play with four hands instead of doing back to back and it allow us to mix a DJ set with some live elements during the set. We can work together at the same time playing records, trying out our new stuff and doing some live remixes as well.

8) Any special, unique, crazy things on your rider?

The point is not what’s on our rider, the point is to have a good club with a good sound system and a nice crowd that loves House Music! That’s all :)

9) Beverage of choice while playing?

Grey Goose vodka, tonic and Redbull.

10) Favorite country / club / city to play? 

We don’t have a fav country honestly, we love to travel and meet many different people and we love club culture. Some of our favorite clubs at the moment are Tenax in Florence, Elrow in Barcelona, Ministry of Sound in London and 4Cento in Milan.

11) Read the crowd or just pound it out?

We always try to make the crowd happy while keep on playing what we love to play. The first goal for a DJ is to keep the dance floor full and vibrant.

12) Big festivals or intimate clubs? Why?

Hard to choose… Def intimate clubs are the place where we give our best. We love to play where we have the people really close (in front of us) to feel their energy and so we can give them back the right vibe, but playing in front of big crowds with big sound systems is also really exciting!

13) Ever miss the CDs or Vinyl days?

You never forget the first love :)

14) How do you maintain your music library?

It’s hard to go through all the promos and good release we get, but we always keep it updated at least once a week listening to new stuff and packing the right one in a folder.

15) Wavs OR MP3 — WHY? Is their a difference?

Wav is better when possible, but you can really hear the difference playing them in very good and big sound system. With all the new music we get every week is impossible to keep all the library in wav format…too much HD space needed, especially with our MacBook Air…

16) Any Tips for aspiring Young DJs?

Work hard, be yourself and never give up.

17) Do you do any of the Obligatory DJ Poses?

The only obligation that a DJ should have is to play good music and make the people happy.

18) How do combat the “Everyone is a DJ” mentality?

We think it’s great everyone plays has a choice in life, especially if they choose to be apart of the music or through DJing.
 If you are good, go ahead :)

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