Jamie Lewis on Prince

Traxsource News caught up with Jamie Lewis about turning the Prince of Pop into Purple Music.

When we first saw the new Prince release here at the Traxsource offices, we were a bit taken aback. Mainly because in it’s original form, ‘Rock And Roll Love Affair’ is essentially a country rock & pop song and it’s on Purple Music. As we looked deeper into this release, we also noticed Jamie Lewis’s credits on the original production as well. It’s one thing to remix a song and artist like Prince and quite another to be involved from the ground up.

So we caught up with our good friend Jamie to get the low-down.

Jamie, It seems this new Prince single is blowing up on radio all over Europe as we speak, how does it feel to have a crossover release on Purple?

First of all it’s a great sensation and an honour for me and all at Purple Music to have the possibility to release, collaborate, work and sell such a legendary artist like Prince. It’s a great feeling to know that we will be a small part of his music history. It’s great to see how far we can go and we are more than ready with the right energy to have a record that will reach not only the house music heads. This is very exciting – it’s a 24 hr job!

How did the initial collaboration with Prince begin?

It was summer 2011 when I was touring in Italy and we got contacted by the Prince’s management for collaboration. We met at our office and it all started from there.

Tell us about your roll in this project

He likes the sound quality of my productions and wanted me to do the mixdown of this new single and remix it as well. Purple Music’s roll is to promote, release and distribute the song.

Does this release mark a new direction for your label Purple Music or for you as a producer?

No, we simply like good music and good music can be of different genres. Probably we are more open minded than before even if we have released different kinds of music and different artist styles. Also back in the days Prince’s music was always made to make people dance & move and in the 80s and 90s his music was always played by DJs in the clubs all around the world. For me as producer it’s a big & new input: my philosophy was always “good music remains good music for ever” and as some of my followers know I am versatile as well (-;

What does Prince think about the direction of your other releases on Purple, I mean is Prince a house head?

He is a great musician, I don’t know what he thinks about our other releases on the label, but I can say he is a perfectionist and loves quality music. And I guess he likes house music otherwise we wouldn’t work together. Quality music this is our mission and we love it.

video courtesy of Purple Music TV

Knowing how underground music heads are about crossover music, how have your fans responded to this release?

What is crossover? Or pop? It’s music that reaches more people or more likes POPULAR MUSIC it can be also house music. Coming from the underground, there are so many underground house releases that reached crossover standard and this doesn’t mean bad music. If I like a song I don’t care what type or from which genre of music it comes from. We have very good feedbacks and fantastic support from underground heads to the big club heads and this is what we want. It’s a very versatile record here from rock and roll to club house music and we want to bring music to the people. It seems our fans reaction is very good (-;

Is there any relationship with between the Purple Music brand name and Prince?

What I’m going to tell you now is real… In 1996 when I was looking to find a name for the label, I was sitting on a big sofa at home chilling with my girlfriend, now my wife Manuela and we were watching the Prince movie ‘Purple Rain’ and that was the kick that gave us the idea about the record label name and we call it Purple Music. But also because it’s our favourite colour and spiritual in the same time… And after 15 years, we work with Prince. It’s destiny!

What’s your favourite Prince record of all time?

I have every single release and album and it’s very hard to choose just one…. But my favourites are for sure ‘Purple Rain’, ‘Musicology’, ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Kiss’ & ‘Controversy’, they are all amazing!!

‘Rock and Roll Love Affair’ is out now on Purple Music.