Purple Disco Machine In 5 Records

The sound of Purple Disco Machine describe some as “Deep Funk”. In 2009 the project Purple Disco Machine was founded. In recent years, PDM composed many songs, including, “My House”, which was published by Off Recordings. Tracks like “Let It Whip” or “I House You” and the numerous PDM remixes were received well on the dance floors. When it comes to live performances, PDM features a creative and diverse mix that is always presented in a sophisticated and authentic way.

With an already impressive catalog and some forthcoming music (coming exclusively to traxsource) we wanted to learn a little bit more about Purple Disco Machine, here’s shares 5 tracks that have shaped his career so far.

1. Purple Disco Machine – My House

Everything began with this track and it’s my biggest selling record to date.

2. Hercules & Love Affair – Do you feel the same? (PDM Remix)

I was extremely happy when I received this remix request from Defected. Defected has been one on my favourite labels for many years.

3. Harry Romero – Tania (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

The original of this was one of the first house music vinyls I bought which was over ten years ago.

4. Teenage & Purple Disco Machine – The Path

This was my second collaboration with Teenage Mutants and our most successful one to date.

5. Purple Disco Machine – Street Life

This is my favourite production so far. I love the mood of the track and it always takes me back to the good old funk and soul days.

Purple Disco Machine artist page & releases on Traxsource.

Purple Disco Machine