Mark Henning talks brand new 'Pusher' EP with traxsource.

Berlin resident Mark Henning has risen up as one of the underground’s true players – recording for a volley of international house & techno labels. Born to English and German parents, he has spent most of his life in England, though has never forgotten his German roots and is now firmly settled in Berlin. Since quitting his city job in 2007 he’s toured all over the world, released an album and countless well-received and heavily supported EPs and remixes.

With an ever increasing following over the years, Mark has established himself as a consistent producer of quality underground house and techno having released music on well-regarded labels such as Soma, Hypercolour, Cityfox, Freude am Tanzen and more recently his own imprint Swing.

Mark Henning’s latest project Pusher EP via Poker Flat is out now on Traxsource, so we took the opportunity to catch up with him in our next installment of 3-2-1…

3 Questions:

1) Hey Mark, thanks for hanging out with us, tell us a bit about yourself and your career in music.

Hey, my name is Mark Henning – I’m a British born artist living in Berlin. I produce house and techno and release my music on labels such as Soma, Hypercolour, Poker Flat and my own label Swing. I’ve been a producer & DJ full time for almost 7 years, prior to that I worked in London as a finance & IT consultant… pffff… screw that for a laugh! :D

2) The topic for today is your brand new ‘Pusher’ EP, tell us about the musical direction.

My new EP – Pusher – is my first on Steve Bug’s legendary label Poker Flat. I’m very happy to be onboard after Steve approached me a while ago saying that he was digging my music. Pusher is a typical Mark Henning track I’d say.. Swingers is my favourite out of all 4 tracks – it was recorded from a live jam and has a nice energy to it I think.

3) Last question, what is your studio set-up like?

I have a hybrid setup – meaning I use a lot of outboard gear to make my sounds (synths (e.g. Jupiter 6, Matrix 1000), drum machines (just the TR8 currently) and a sampler (EMU E6400 Ultra)) as well as a hardware sequencer (Cirklon).. but everything is synced, mixed and controlled from my DAW (Ableton). My monitors are made by a small Swiss company called PSI Audio. My audio interface is made by Antelope Audio.

2: Trax I’m feeling right now:

Dario Zenker – Nearlin

I’ve been a fan of Dario for years.. this track suites me perfectly as it’s not too banging but very techno. It will fit right into what I’m playing at the moment. The toms are just great.

Kid Sublime – The Loop

This track reminds me of my old User records.. just loopy, chugging percussion. Very hypnotic and driving, love it.

1: Mark Henning latest EP

Mark Henning