'Everyday' treatment from Frankie Feliciano and Fish Go Deep

Foliage Records offers an emphatic conclusion to 2012 with the full release of Ziggy Funk and Taliwa’s long anticipated single ‘Everyday’. London-based Funk and Taliwa teased DJ Yass remixes of ‘Everyday’ at the tail end of last year, Yass’ jazzy house flow building huge global hype. Here, now, comes the full package, Frankie Feliciano and Fish Go Deep providing smart new remixes alongside that stunning original production….

Ziggy Funk

An original production that swells from sharp hi-hat 4-4 and smouldering acid-bass into melancholic piano and violin, and Taliwa’s sweet and sincere vocals about doomed love and finding the strength to carry on. ‘Everyday’ swings but with real purpose.


Legendary New York house producer Frankie Feliciano offers the first of Foliage’s new remixes on an altogether more upbeat tip. Jazzy synths play across snappy, percussive beats and bouncin’ b-line, both lightening and galvanising Taliwa’s reflections. Irish underground duo Fish Go Deep follows up with some edgier, moodier reflections, their impressive main remix an atmospheric fusion of echoed handclaps, scissoring rhythms, hard, metallic synths and enigmatic strings. Here, Taliwa is stripped right back; the groove totally in charge; Fish Go Deep’s bonus instrumental only adds to its power.

Frankie Feliciano

Born in Uganda to unmusical family, it was simple, unrefined curiosity that sparked Ziggy Funk’s subsequent action-packed career. He learnt the guitar at a young, young age, leading to shifts in local bands, international tours and an ever widening stylistic repertoire. A move to London cemented his long-held love of funky, soulful house, Funk DJing at major festivals like Big Chill, as well as producing for a string of influential underground imprints. Funk also met fast-rising, super soulful UK vocalist Taliwa, whose killer cut alongside him this summer, What You Afraid Of, leads us nicely now to Foliage’s latest release.

Fish Go Deep

‘Everyday’ has held the rapt attention of everyone from Danny Krivit and Terry Hunter to Black Coffee and Manoo over the past 12 months – it’s official release is sure to do much more. This is a stirring end to Funk’s year, and another smart Foliage slide across the dancefloor. ‘Everyday’ is anything but..

‘Everyday’ (Incl. Frankie Feliciano & Fish Go Deep Mixes) is out now on Foliage