Get To Know: IN THE LOOP

Born in Colombia and raised in Madrid Spain, Lupe Fuentes has already started to make her mark on the electronic music world. On her way to living her dream to becoming an accomplished producer and DJ, Lupe is releasing tracks on credible Labels like Junior Sanchez’s ‘Brobot’, and Spain’s own ‘Undercool Productions’ with upcoming releases on Todd Terry’s ‘Inhouse’ & NYC’s ‘Nervous Records’. Lupe Fuentes has also been rocking dance floors, with DJ shows playing alongside incredible artists like Oscar G and Roger Sanchez. Her sound melds many sub-genres of deep, tech, tribal and Latin house music, and with already many releases locked and loaded, Lupe Fuentes is one artist you need to look out for.

Her new label IN THE LOOP & the inaugural release Let It Feel Alright is on Traxsource right now, so we caught some time with Lupe to chat about her imprint in this exclusive label feature.

In The Loop label founder – Lupe Fuentes

Lupe, thanks again for chatting with us, tell us about your brand new label.

IN THE LOOP is a concept to build a brand around the music that I believe in. The concept behind IN THE LOOP is just that, to be in the know of what defines quality house music. IN THE LOOP is a vibe, a lifestyle, a feeling a sound that is best expressed in a track, a mix, or a party that makes you feel something more. I originally started the label to create a culture around the sound that I love. Around the music i produce and the music of other artists that I feel are in the same lane. I wanted to build a brand that reflected my love for the underground, and a way to express myself as an artist. The label is based in Los Angeles, Ca, and I run it with my team of people that are very close to me! Our first release, Let it Feel Alright dropped this week!

What’s the musical direction, mission, and overall goal for IN THE LOOP?

The musical direction for my imprint is dark and funky tech house/house with an edge! The mission of the label is very clear in my own mind, but will probably take several releases for people to “get”. The pure answer is that I wanna put out records that make me go. “UGHHHH that’s Mean, that’s Nasty, that’s a BEAST!”. The overall goal of the label is to develop it’s sound into a definitive lifestyle brand and culture. I would like IN THE LOOP to bring people together, who get the same release from quality house music that I do as a music lover.

Give us some insight into how you’re going to run your own imprint and how does that translate into what you’re ultimately trying to build?

IN THE LOOP is an extension of my sound, so it doesn’t feel like I am “running a label” It really more feels like I am establishing a platform for my music and the artists around me with similar sensibilities. Running a label for me, is about curating the best music possible that fits our style, and connecting it to our audience. One of our strengths that we rely on heavily is promotion of our label and pushing every single release as hard as we can. Nowadays, releasing music is a kind of promotional tool that helps to build your brand. We are very focused on getting our music into the hands of other DJ’s, taste-makers and the press/media. We love to partner with media outlets to promote our releases and constantly expand our reach. Of course social media is a very powerful tool, and connecting the dots between your music, it’s sound, the media, and your audience is 100% necessary to become a recognizable brand.

How will you A&R a record for IN THE LOOP, what will you be listening for?

The first group of releases are my own productions that I feel really passionate about and I believe set the tone for the label’s direction. Beyond that, either it’s IN THE LOOP , or its “out of the loop”. I am very hands on, and I have a definite opinion about what I like, and what kind of records I want on IN THE LOOP.

What’s next for 2015 and what’s coming up on ITL?

As 2015 is the birth year of IN THE LOOP, people can count on a consistent release schedule, where we are putting out one record a month to start. The first records coming out after “Let it Feel Alright” are “Holla if you Hear Me”, “Bassline”, and several others. We are putting together some killer videos for the first releases, kinda like music/art collaborations. I am also working on a few musical collaborations right now, and I will be putting together some really cool remix packages for some of the releases on IN THE LOOP. We are also planning some IN THE LOOP popup events that are going to be completely wild! We want you to come to our party and leave reality behind. Look out for some really killer IN THE LOOP merchandise and a few special projects I am working involving the brand. Also, always check our artwork for each single because each one features a unique photo from an incredible artist/photographer Budo from NYC. We are taking you to the streets! For 2015, I also plan on continuing to release my music on some other great labels, as I have had some awesome experiences working with labels like Inhouse, Brobot, Undercool, Guesthouse, Defined, Positive and Nervous! Also, i will be targeting other labels whose music i am feeling. Right now, I am getting ready for WMC/ MMW 2015 as I am playing some really cool parties including Guesthouse, Inhouse, Undr the Radr, and Brobot. Looking forward to seeing all my people in Miami, and to let everyone know that it is time to get IN THE LOOP!

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