Get to Know: This Ain't Bristol

This Ain’t Bristol is based in the “Berlin house dominated environment” and have set sail to spread the message of good vibes house and build an appropriate platform for advanced UK house music.

We caught up with Benjamin Rodgers part of the (This Ain’t Bristol collective) to find out more the label & it’s direction in 2015. Also be sure to check out the labels latest EP “Bee Beat’ from Nick Olivetti out now on Traxsource.

  • Get Nick Olivetti “Bee Beat / Sax O Sex” from Traxsource HERE

1. Hey Benjamin, thanks for chatting with us, can you give us some background on your new label.

Thanks for your interest in us and our stuff! This Ain’t Bristol is a collective of young individuals that despite having more than diverse backgrounds share one major common ground: the love of advanced bass music.

Hailing from Hannover (Germany), we started to promote our This Ain’t Bristol events at the WEIDENDAMM Club. We managed to become North Germany’s main event for UK oriented house and bass music, with guest such as Hannah Wants, Kry Wolf, Hostage, Billy Kenny and Cropper. The initial idea was simply to push the UK Sound in our ‘Berlin House dominated environment’ and try to build up a platform for something different to the typical German House night.

Under several coincidences Billy Kenny decided to move to Hannover as things were beginning to click into place. He became a part of the family, our network expanded and the productions of our affiliated producers became stronger and stronger. Transforming our imprint to a label was the next logical step really, so we started planning.

After the impact that “Selections” had, we felt obliged to compile “More Selections” just weeks after our debut dropped to keep up the momentum. We were more than chuffed with the artists and tunes we were blessed and able to work with, as well as the massive support from across the house spectrum that the releases received.

2. What’s the musical direction, mission, and overall goal for ‘This Ain’t Bristol’?

We don’t really want to stick to any formulas or specific genres because we would only limit ourselves in doing so. The overall goal of every house label should be to constantly host music that can make people loose themselves to on dance floors around the globe – well we certainly won’t settle for less.

While our compilations managed to capture a wider range of house music we were feeling, our forthcoming artist releases will start to narrow down that spectrum without lacking the diversity we aim for – hopefully. Don’t get us wrong, we love every track we ‘selected’ for our compilations, but picking two strong tunes, and finding that certain re-mixer you desperately want for the track is a different ball game!

3. Describe what is likes running a record label day to day?

Creating a hype without over doing it plays a big part in running a label today – or running anything within the music industry today for that matter. We try to maintain our label work as an entertaining side project we all can put a lot of time and love into while still keeping it as a hobby. It really helps having six of us in the core team so we’re able to rely on one-another as everyone has their own position and expertise.

As we’ve all been involved somewhere in the music industry for years, it’s just the way we socialise – talking about music! We’re all good mates, and there is nothing more motivating then being with friends and doing what you love is there!?

4. How do you A&R a record for This Ain’t Bristol, what are you listening for?

It’s hard to say or describe what we are looking for before we find it really. It’s all about tracks we can put our faith into, despite the artist behind them, simply focusing on the material sent to us. We often receive demo’s with very little or zero introduction, but everything that comes into our inbox is listened to and get’s the chance it deserves. Most of the time we end up discussing Billy’s narrowed down picks and try to come to a mutual agreement, which can naturally become tiering sometimes, but it’s how we roll and it works!

5. What’s next for 2015 and what’s coming up that we should look out for on the label?

We’ve got quite a lot of fresh stuff in our pipeline to get excited about. You can expect a release per month ranging from well known acts to producers we’ve already worked with and extremely talented newcomers that we think have the potential to change the whole game in the near future. In addition I don’t think it’s a secret if we tell you that our This Ain’t Bristol core artists; Billy Kenny, Maximono, Abby Jane and Skip Soul will be providing their part to the whole thing. We are, as well as all of our involved individuals, still at the beginning of a hopefully long and joyful journey.

This Ain’t Bristol label page & releases on Traxsource.