Brett Johnson Bounces Back.

Existing somewhere in the shadows of house and techno lives Brett Johnson. His ability to inject warmth and soul into his electronics has resulted in an impressive discography filled with unique statements, otherworldly surprises, and undeniable club stompers.

‘The Bounce Is Back’, is an EP inspired by his Brett’s youth. It’s a great example of the ever evolving cycle of dance music; each new production resembles Brett’s sound from the past but perfectly placed in the present day.

With his release out now on Traxsource, Brett took some time out to chat with us out about his ‘The Bounce Is Back’ project, music production & more.

  • Get “The Bounce Is Back” on Traxsource: HERE

1) Hey Brett, thrilled to have you chat with us, tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now?

I’m currently sitting in my studio in Berlin, working on a new vocal project.

2) We’re here to talk about the new EP on Classic Music Company; “The Bounce is Back” – tell usba little bit about it…

It seemed like an appropriate title to use since my latest offering has such a throwback vibe. This release is the first time Mikey V and I have released something together, he did a wonderful job on “Falling”. We’ve just finished a new song that I think is going to be massive. It’s completely different then “Falling”, it’s a techno beast… with Mikey’s beautiful voice dancing around.

3) There’s a bit of history in regards to these cuts right?

“Breathe” is something I made a while ago, Luke has been patiently sitting on it and waiting for me to come around about releasing it. The other tracks I made last year, they all seem to fit together nicely so we put the EP together.

4) What’s changed most since your first release on Classic Music Company in regards to music production and our music scene in general?

As far as production goes, I started with machines and now mainly work with a computer, using hardware as a side dish. Although, as time (coughs money) goes on I will start to get outside of the box and create more with hardware. The scene… hmmm… you threw that in really quick at the end of that sentence but it’s a biggy. Music is not as much of the focus anymore it seems, hype and some twisted level of narcissism is moving things now. I try to ignore a lot of it and do my own thing.

5) Let’s elaborate, what’s you’re opinion on the current state of house music?

We need more songs.

6) What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

Apparently my smoke.

7) So what keeps you both motivated after all this time?

The constant nagging of failure and destruction.

8) What’s next for you?

Why? You buying? But really, I’m working on something massive right now but can’t talk about it. If all works out I’ll finally be able to buy that gold plated hot tub I’ve always wanted.

Brett Johnson artist page and releases on Traxsource.