Sam Divine Launches D-Vine Sounds, Interview

Long associated with the legendary Defected Records, Sam Divine has come a long way since being a record shop employee having spent the last seven years being a key component to the White Isle’s party scene. Her DJing success has seen her tour throughout the world and is without doubt one of the most popular and passionate DJs on the circuit, Sam Divine is a guaranteed floor-filler and party starter.

In an industry where many artists are praised for their efforts and determination Sam Divine shines brightly as a true example of diligence. She is the personification of someone who genuinely possesses such traits and this is evident in her countless achievements in such a short time span. Her unrivaled work ethic is displayed through her animated and dexterous DJ sets of which continue to build her an ever growing loyal fan base. She is in our eyes an icon for inspiration of what you can achieve if you pour your heart into something you adore.

In addition to a booming DJ career, Sam is on the cusp of launching her very own brand new imprint cleverly named “D-Vine Sounds”. The first ever release is marked by Curtis Gabriel entitled “If You Can” and is out now Exclusively on Traxsource. We caught up with the lovely Sam Divine to talk about her new imprint, her direction, and so much more in this exclusive featured interview.

1. What can we expect from D-Vine Sounds over the summer?

We have our 1st release Curtis Gabriel – If You Can dropping on Traxsource 13th April followed by a Various Artist album split into two parts. Part 1 will be dropping 27th May and part 2 15th June just in time for those Sonar and Ibiza weapons.

Curtis Gabriel “If You Can” out now Exclusively on Traxsource..

2. What style of house music describes D-Vine Sounds the best?

We don’t have a current trend running through the label; we want to cater for every DJ and at any time of the night. There’s beautiful warm up Deep House through to Peak time House onto rolling Tech and After party vibes. We just want to represent solid grooves as a label. Our ethos is Good Music + Good People = Good times. Simple but if executed in the correct manner then it can be a special thing.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about the artists (current & upcoming) that will be featured on D-Vine Sounds?

We’ve hand picked these artists, some of them have been on my radar for a little while where others are less unknown but just as raw and talented. I want to give the artists a platform to which they can elevate from. The music industry is one of the hardest to crack but if you have the right support and channels to promote yourself then only good things can come from that. I’m really proud of all of the tracks that the artists have produced for D-Vine Sounds, and I want to show the world what we are capable of as a team.

4. Where did the idea for D-Vine Sounds come from?

It’s been in the back of my mind to start a record label for a very long time. I worked in record shops for about four years as a House buyer, so I always had that close working relationship with not just the DJ’s but also the distributors and labels. These were some of the best days of my life but as I got busier with DJ’ing the idea started to fade. I was having a conversation with a friend about some artists I had come across on Soundcloud that I hadn’t heard of before. I was supporting their tracks in my sets and couldn’t believe they weren’t on big labels, so he said to me ‘Why don’t you start your own label and release the tracks’. The next day D-Vine Sounds was born.

5. What is the driving force behind D-Vine Sounds?

My team 100%! My two best friends help me run the label. Kamilla has a business background and has been my raving partner in crime for over 10 years, so it made sense to bring her in as my label manager. And Jess, who is my tour manager and an aspiring up and coming DJ, helps me with the A&R, her ear for music is on point. We all share a great passion for music and can bring a female touch to the label. We are in constant contact with our artists and deliver a high level of professionalism and support. We want to create a firm of artists so we can continue to put out solid releases time after time.

6. Can we expect any releases from you on D-Vine Sounds this year?

I’m not sure maybe. I have three tracks in the pipeline that I’m working on with Curtis Gabriel, we completely gel in the studio and bounce off each other. It’s a fun process making records with him but for now I want to concentrate on finding those golden gems and giving a platform for other artists to shine through.

7. We have had a taster of your upcoming VA … What’s your favorite track on there and when is the release date?

It’s so hard to pick one; I really do love them all, but I’m emotionally attached to our 1st release Curtis Gabriel – If You Can. It’s going to be the one we look back on in years to come and remember it as the track that essentially put D-Vine Sounds on the map. It’s out on Traxsource 13th April.

8. What’s your process in signing tracks?

We get sent so many tracks sent through to our Soundcloud and Facebook page every day; that it takes a lot of time to sift through everything. I guess I wanted to apply the same method as when I’m searching for new music if it hits you in the right place straight away then you know you’re onto something. The only thing we take into consideration is, will it make people dance.

9. Do you have any plans for any D-Vine Sounds parties?

I’m hoping to put together an artist showcase after the summer in London, something small and intimate for friends and supporters of the label.

10. And finally where can people find you online?

Sam Divine’s artist & label pages on Traxsource.

D-Vine Sounds

Sam Divine