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Gianni Bini started spinning in the late eighties all over Italy before turning his hand to recording and music production in 1990. By shear chance, he crossed paths with another likeminded fellow by the name of Fulvio Perniola and the Fathers of Sound was born. After grabbing the Italian dance scene by the horns, Fathers of Sound attracted the attention of such UK luminaries as Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Pete Tong and Danny Rampling and thus, the entry into the UK and worldwide scene was complete..

Gianni’s latest release ‘Nine Clouds’ via Ocean Trax is out now on Traxsource and with that, he takes some time out to share 5 important tracks that have continued to help build & shape his career.

“Nine Clouds” available now on Traxsource.

1. The Goodfellas – Soul Heaven.

Undoubtedly it’s the most “long living” release. Almost twenty years after its first release, it’s still in DJ’s “trunks” physically or digitally. There were countless number of remixes or covers but none of them have ever surpassed the original and its atmosphere. It originated in 1999 with the Pasta Boys (the instrumental part was conceived by them) and my partner and companion of a lifetime Paul Martini. I remember that we made it all in a few hours with Lisa Millett, who was on the other side of the studio glass, and I, with my brand new MAC 8600. I felt like flying as I was accustomed to the old ATARI st1040.

2. Eclipse – Makes Me Love You.

This is inspired by Pete Heller “Big Love”. I used the sample of Sister Sledge – Thinking of You, which strangely, until then, nobody had ever used (or at least I think). This release reached # 21 in the ranking of sales in UK with more than 84,000 copies sold on Azuli records from Dave Piccioni. The voice of this record was of a girl who Didn’t speak a word of English, but I chose her for her rough and warm voice. I had to settle for just a few warblings and nothing more. I do not think she even knows that this gained all this popularity because she was the girl of my jealous friend that prohibited her to continue singing.

3. House Of Glass – Disco Down.

The most acclaimed HIT ‘In Italy, which permitted me to buy my first apartment and Giorgio Giordano a club. There is still not an evening where a DJ doesn’t play the original version at some point of his session as OLDIES & GOLDIES. I still think about where it all started from, the fact that I had the instrumental track, wanted to put a little vocal but did not know what. Then suddenly the melody came to me and in order not to forget it, I sang it on the studios voice mail (as at that time the technology was what it was).

One the day we recorded the Goodfellas vocal with Lisa Millett, she had to leave for the UK a few hours later, so we recorded it as fast as we could but it was more than enough.

4. Helen Tesfazghi And Gianni Bini’s Soul Orchestra – Finally.

This is my first Album and one I am certainly more fond as it marked the beginning of my new life and the rebirth of my studio ( The previous one was destroyed by a fire on the night of June 29, 2009.

I took the most important house songs and I arranged them in different keys and styles from pop, jazz to soul. Helen’s voice is amazing and has adapted well to every mood. I remember every single day during the production, especially when I went in front of the microphone for the first time to sing all the choirs. It was fun but also terrifying to hear my voice in the headphones. This disc for a million reasons will always be in my heart.

5. Gianni Bini – Back To My Roots.

This track is a real return to my roots. After years spent in developing other projects, I felt the need to “press reset & restart” and that’s what I did. I thought to myself; I’m able to produce music in many different styles here in my studio from Jazz to rock through to pop. But my heart beats for HOUSE!!! and I wanted to come back to the scene of the crime and bring my record label too. After this single, many others were released and were a big success also, but this one signs a point of Reference.

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