In Da Kar - A Soul Clap Music Video Project

About this project

Soul Clap “Calling all you funky fans. Rarely do we send out a message to the masses like this, but we NEED YOUR HELP! After more than two years in the making, our collaboration with Dr Funkenstein himself, GEORGE CLINTON has finally come to fruition and we need help to make the MUSIC VIDEO? With your contributions we can make this thing a reality, so please help us bring the funk to life in 2015!!!”


May 2nd, 2013 will forever go down in Soul Clap history as an outstanding day to be alive. Over a year of groundwork was paying off and we had just flown Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton, from his home in Tallahassee, Florida to Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles for a three day recording session. P-FUNK and EFUNK were coming together, it was a truly a magical moment.

Onsite in L.A. alongside Clinton were Parliament-Funkadelic family members Sa’D “The Hourchild Ali”, G-Koop, Tonysha Nelson (Clinton’s granddaughter), Will “Digeridoo” Thoren as well as Crew Love members Nick Monaco and Navid Izadi.

The energy in the studio was electric as a marathon recording session began. George’s leadership was undeniably excellent. He was the first to get to work and the last to finish each session. Dressed to the nines in his mismatched three piece suits, he spat lyrics from a endless well. Spanning decades of generation defining wordplay while confidently blowing hash oil smoke from his futuristic vaporizer. Got that doo doo!

Just in case we weren’t already on cloud nine, on the second day, the session had another memorable visitor. The story goes like this: Charlie had left the studio, on a run to get some tacos to treat a serious case of the munchies. “When I got back,” Charlie recalls with a grin, “Eli was just standing there frozen outside of Studio A like he’d just seen a ghost… funk legend Sly Stone had just dropped by to deliver a musical cameo, something that hadn’t happened in decades!” Charlie knelt beside Sly steadying the midi keyboard that was bouncing in his lap as he laid down some funk. Both George and Sly had tremendous smiles on their faces and sparkles in their eyes, everyone knew we had made history.


The song that was born from this magical moment became “In The Kar ft. Sly Stone” and appears on the newly released Funkadelic album “first ya gotta Shake The Gate.” We’re simultaneously releasing an EP with our EFUNK version on Soul Clap Records and we need your help to make a music video.

We are shooting the video in early May 2015 in Los Angeles for our new release in “In The Kar ft Sly Stone”. We’ve enlisted the help: talented director and longtime friend Gabe Muniz-Alessio from Wrong Way Pictures. You may remember his work on the muppet filled music video extravaganza for “The Clapping Song” from EFUNK: The Album.

Gabe has created an incredible treatment for the “In Da Kar” video, with a deeply political message that plays up the juxtaposition between the positive vibe of the music and the dark lyrical content. The message is clear when George shines a light on the dangers of oil dependency, saying:

Oil spill making a killing Drilling in the oil fields Pipe it Pump it Truck it And fuck it

The video will begin with real life footage of Soul Clap joy-riding around in a gas-guzzling convertible. As the car rolls up to the gas station for a top up, we transform into claymation courtesy of stop-motion animation expert Hillary Barton. The animation depicts a world steeped in the chaos and horror of oil related tragedy. We want a video that will make people use their minds, because as George famously says, THINK! It ain’t illegal yet!


Well here’s the breakdown of estimated costs—we’re only budgeting for production because the homies have all agreed to donate their time:

• Makeup/Hairdressing: $50
• Production Film & Lab: $300
• Costumes/Wardrobe: $300
• Props: $1,500
• Set Lighting: $3,500
• Location: $3,500
• Camera(s): $3,800
• Special Effects: $3,950
VFX: $4,100

We’re children of the Funk. We grew up on the music of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. Charlie even performed in a P-FUNK cover band playing the roll of Clinton when he was only 11 years old in summer camp. After years of hustling as local DJs in Boston we finally made it into the limelight of the global dance music scene and have been touring the world since 2009 with our unique sound that we refer to as Electronic Funk or EFUNK, which stands for Everybody’s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom. Our philosophy is that every style, sound and freak has its place as long as its funky!

EFUNK: The Album

We run our own label called Soul Clap Records and have always remained independent artists. It’s important for us to be able to express ourselves creatively without the pressures and limitations of major labels so we’ve grown and funded everything ourselves from day one. This is exactly why we’re hoping to succeed in our Kickstarter campaign. We’ve set the bar high on this project, and we need your help to see our vision through to fruition!

Risks and challenges.

This is the most incredible project of our lives and we have all the details worked out, but we are independent artists with limited resources. We’ve put together the team who will get this moving, but without your support, we can’t cross the finish line. The actual video setup and shoot will be funded 100% through donation, and that’s our biggest risk. We’re counting on you, our fans to be present and vocal, and we’re confident that by joining us and spreading the word, we can make this happen together. It won’t be for nothing, we’ve come up with some cool ways to say thank you. But seeing all of your names roll in the credits will definitely be the biggest reward.