Ben Delay In 5 Records

Germany artist Ben Delay has been firing up dancefloors for more than 15 years as a DJ, producer, remixer and label owner. He has always been a DJs’ favorite and his electrifying remix for Bob Sinclar’s “I Feel For You”, one of house music’s best-known classics, has catapulted him to global recognition. His take on this house anthem shows Ben Delay’s feeling for club music, making the amazing vocal shine on top of a solid foundation of punchy bass and sweet synth chords.

Ahead of Ben Delay’s hot new track “Rock ‘n’ Roll via Milk & Sugar which will be out EXCLUSIVELY on Traxsource, Friday, May 8th, 2015. We caught up with him to get insight on 5 trax that helped build & shape his career, thus far.

1. Bob Sinclar – I Feel For You (Ben Delay Club Mix)

I didn’t want to get in that big noisy “EDM” thing because of my house roots – plus after years of trying to find the right sound for me, this one definitely nailed it. Even though I’d been producing and releasing records for about 15 years, this remix for Bob Sinclar put me back on the list for many DJ’s in 2013.

2. Ben Delay – Inner Circle (Ben’s Madfish Remix)

Released in 2008 on my sub-label Techtone. It was one of the last singles that also got released on vinyl. It was a kind of hybrid with its groovy house drums and techy synth-elements. I still love to work with disco samples, but this was my way into more electronic oriented stuff while still maintaining groove & soul. It reached No.1 on many download platforms.

3. Ben Delay – Move Your Body

This one’s a tribute to some of the biggest records I was listening to in my beginnings. Oldskool drums, oldskool synths & bassline and a very short message: “Move your body”. I didn’t even think about releasing the track. It was just for my DJ-sets but when Milk & Sugar heard it they signed it straight away.

4. Ben Delay – Deep Inside

It took only one night to produce this track. Everything just felt right – the melodic bassline with simple vocals on it. Just on point – Deep inside, you’re not alone! No matter where play I always get asked to play this one as my last record.

5. Ben Delay – Shorty

This is the first official track under my Ben Delay alias. It was released the end of 2003 on my label Sugarland Records when French-Sample-house was still a big thing. I played the Demo at one of Germany’s best clubs at that time called “Tiefenrausch” in Cologne playing alongside Buffalo Bunch from Crydamoure. They said it might be one of the next Crydamoure releases, but the label closed its doors soon after (like Tiefenrausch did). So I released it on my label, and it was one of the best-selling singles of Sugarland Records.

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