Jesse Perez: Q&A

Miami bad-boy Jesse Perez returns to the I’m A House Gangster stable bringing with him a box of dynamite cuts to annihilate the clubs this Summer season. The “This Ain’t No Rave EP” is out now on Traxsource, and with that, we sat down with the 305 native to find out about the release, the end of his current European tour and more in this Exclusive Interview.

1. Hey Jesse, thanks for hanging with us. How are you feeling and where are you right now?

Thanks for letting a brother roll. I’m doing great, chillin in Berlin at the moment.

2. Tell us about your brand new release on ‘I’m A House Gangster’.

It’s a 3 track EP. Track 1 on the EP is “This Ain’t No Rave”, it’s heavy on the low end working around an old space dust sample which won’t be missed. Track 2 is “Too Many Djs, Not Enough Hoes” – just has that Bump N’ Grind feel to it. Ive been playing this one since 2011 and I never thought I’d actually release it, but I think it’s perfect for IAHG. Ain’t nothing but a gangsta party! And the last and 3rd track is “Learn How To Spin”, this one is like a battle record. Love the message, because I’ve always looked at DJing as a competitive thing. And this song definitely explains it like it is. It makes you ask yourself “What Do I Bring To The Table?

3. So you’re currently almost finished with your tour in Europe – what do you like least & most about traveling?

Yeah I’m playing 8 shows this month here. The worst part of traveling is leaving my family, most DJs [I think] would say the same. What I like most about it is meeting new people from different cultures. I’ve made some new friends while on the road and they’ve shown me a lot of their city/country. The hospitality is always great. That’s something I don’t take for granted.

4. Which show has been your favorite so far and which one are you looking forward to most?

So far I’d have to say Kurhotel in Hamburg was pretty amazing, it’s a small club everyone is right in your face, I had a great time playing there. I’m excited for the next ones to come, especially playing in Maidstone. The first time I played there it was incredible.

June Tour – Show List:
• 02/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Bloody Louis, Brussels
• 03/05/2015 Jesse Perez – The Coronet, London
• 07/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Wilde Renate, Berlin
• 08/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Kurhotel, Hamburg
• 13/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Zwei Null 7, Frankfurt
• 20/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Cue, Istanbul
• 23/05/2015 Jesse Perez – Suicide Circus, Berlin
• 24/05/2015 Jesse Perez – The Source Bar, Maidstone

5. How do you manage (if at all) to produce on the road?

I just started that process, I never liked the idea of making music from a laptop. I like working from home with my keyboards. But I also prefer making music over not making any at all. So I got this dell laptop set up with Acid Pro. 7.0 and some plugins. I’m good to go with just that. On my off days I’ve been spending it working on jams.

6. Everyone knows you rep Miami as your hometown – what do you do on the local front to wave the 305 flag?

I always rep Miami. Proud to be from there. I try to play as often as I can there, starting in June I’ll be joining the monthly Futro party on Thursdays at Bardot with Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova. This is gonna be a great party for Miami. I Can’t wait!

7. Tell us something your fans might want to know about you?

I like my women the same as my music, Classic.

Jesse Perez artist, label pages & releases on Traxsource.

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