Get To Know: 25 Places

The story about the two guys behind 25 Places could be described as something which everyone could relate to, since they both began as two ordinary advertising students who happened to study at the same academy. 

Tayfun Sarier and Stefan Rijsmus got acquainted by having endless conversations about the mutual interest they both had, that was and still is electronic music.

When the two became more like close friends, they started to listen and share music after school, until they decided to try and start getting gigs themselves – so that they could share that same music with a bigger audience. From that moment, their project ’25 Places’ was born.

 With both of their own musical interests combined, they started to create their own signature sound and began their journey not only as two DJ’s, but also as producers.

With 25 Places’ latest project, the Love More EP via Dirt Crew out now Exclusively on Traxsource, we sat down with 

Tayfunand Ste fan to chat about the new release, running a label, the current state of house music & much more in this featured Interview.

‘Love More EP’ available now on Traxsource.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

We’re feeling absolutely great, and thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves. 
We’re currently in Rotterdam. Stefan just moved to a new house and we are in the middle of setting up our new studio.

The topic for today is new ‘Love More EP’ on Dirt Crew – tell us in your words a little bit it.

This is our second release on the Berlin based label Dirt Crew. Our first release was our track ‘Good Time’ on ‘Deep Love 3’ in 2013. We always wanted to do a follow-up track and after a certain period and some studio hours we ended up with tracks we thought would be worth sharing. Luckily, it resulted in a 12inch EP including 4 of our tracks that we’re really excited about. This EP is a dedication to all the people around us, and is a result of doing what we love which truly matters to us. That’s why we named our EP ‘Love More’.

Describe how you guys collaborate and how does that differ from producing solo work?

Working on your own is very satisfying because you get to decide everything you want to accomplish, but still you’re staying a prisoner of your own thinking. Working with people who are different from us helps us to increase our understanding of diverse perspectives. This way it really helps us to avoid ‘tunnel vision’ as an artist. We really enjoy hearing a reinterpretation of our music by other artists, sometimes it’s completely unexpected what they do, and it is a pleasant surprise.

What’s it like having a new Record Label – and what do you want to accomplish as an imprint?

Running a label gives you the total freedom to release music you believe in. Whether it’s your music or from another artist, you admire. Besides the music, it’s also great to have the creative direction in your hands and decide where you want to head forward with the label visually. That’s what we love to do with ‘Late Night Running’, creating/curating the music, silkscreening the self-made artworks and then pressing them into limited-edition vinyl. It’s all about having a passion for music and the scene itself. To be able to contribute to the scene and in some way try to add value to it; is a real privilege.

What’s your opinion on the current state of house music?

The interesting thing about the current state of house music is that demographically it’s almost impossible to guess where the latest house record comes from. Thanks to the internet people can reach out and have access to hear, play, create or re-create all kinds of stuff. There’s still a lot of ‘core’ artists from ‘back in the days’. And they’re doing the trustworthy/cult/experimental stuff combined with a new breed of artists bringing new ideas to the table or re-creating old stuff. There’s such a rich and interesting balance between different musical styles operating under the same banner of house music. You just need to find the order in the chaos.

Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Buying new music, discovering artists and labels. Just trying to stay aware of the current state of electronic dance music.

What distinguishes you from the industry?

We don’t think trying to distinguish or differentiate yourself on purpose is the right way of moving forward. What we have always said and keep saying to ourselves is that we want to stay as close as possible to our beliefs. What do we like? What do we want to try and experiment with? Is this something we enjoy doing? This way we try to keep our voice a little bit more authentic and try not to be afraid of who we are, where we stand for in what we do.

Describe House music in three words…

Honest, Captivating and Timeless.

What is your dream project?

Traveling the world and playing the music we love. Meeting new people, discovering new places and getting inspired. Transcending this lifetime’s worth of inspiration into our music.

Any secrets from within the industry you’ve learned along the way?

If so, what? 
No matter your generation, your place, time or context you’re living in, always be an advocate for yourself and your music. With so many artists, labels, events out there sometimes it feels like it’s not worthwhile doing what you’re doing, but there’s always space for something new or different. That’s how the entertainment/music industry works. You’re never dead, and there are no rules. Just work hard, love what you do and be nice to people.

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