Label In The Spot Light: Room With A View

With 20 years under his belt as a DJ and activist of the industry, Dairmount became the founder, A&R & label manager of Room With A View 6 years ago. Despite a year of hiatus in 2014, the label’s status & reputation remains untouched in the House scene thanks to a timeless catalogue. This includes works & remixes by Traxsource favourites as diverse as Motor City Drum Ensemble, André Lodemann, Art Of Tones, Fred Everything, Atjazz, Dave Aju, Iron Galaxy, Detroit Swindle, Basic Soul Unit, Aaron Carl, Marlow, Sasse, Andreas Saag, Joel Alter & more.

Dairmount’s imprint relaunches this week with the heavy single ‘Times Fly’ from the unstoppable Kyodai, and the label has more hot stuff in stock for the rest of 2015.
 That was the perfect opportunity to have a chat with RWAV boss & ambassador and see what’s cooking.

Kyodai ‘Times Fly’ is available Exclusively at Traxsource: HERE

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. 6 years is more than half a decade of existence. When and how did you decide to start the label?

Yes indeed, I’m overwhelmed that we have been around already for so long. Especially as so much energy and dedication has been put into the project over the years. In the last 20 years, I’ve helped lots of people to get their musical message out there. Playing their music in my DJ sets, on radio shows but also by organizing parties, being editor of a musical magazine, selling music in record stores or later working in music distribution. My only goal in all this was to create bridges between people living in different places and countries who share a common musical spirit and feel. It took me nearly two decades to explore every possible part of the chain, but every part was totally worth it. People like Sasse, Jimpster, Atjazz and Mad Mats (from Local Talk fame), whom I’ve connected with along the way and helped at one moment or another always suggested I start my own label. After a while, I felt ready to listen to them.

According to the story, it all began in Hamburg in 2009, the city of Smallville, Liebe Detail, Lovebirds or Tensnake. Are you still working there or have you completely relocated to Berlin?

I spent 8 years in Hamburg after living a bit in Montreal in the early 2000’s. Hamburg is where I decided to start the label; it was just the right timing. I relocated to Berlin in 2012 due to family duties, but I was already very familiar with Berlin since the end of the nineties. I also played more regularly in Berlin from 2010 on, and it was a very natural consequence to end up living here.

What’s the philosophy behind RWAV?

My simple goal has always been to create a platform that would allow me to go back to a certain feel, a certain “emotional content” in club music, without caring much about sub-genres or anything. You know, actually go back to a time when House and Techno were not so stigmatized and when club music was transporting a strong sense of spontaneity and honesty.

Honesty has probably been the most important element of our success, and I truly believe that people can really sense this in artistic works. There has never been a big plan behind the label, but rather clear ideas and inspirations and friendship have been a major part of our story. Most of the artists who released on the label or did remix work have been friends for years, and everything happened very naturally.

We at Traxsource hear that your releases receive quite a large echo among many important figures in the scene. Are there any personal idols among those who play and praise your records?

Actually, I’m still considering today that I’ve been very lucky to work directly with many people that inspired me over the years as a DJ and record collector. Basic Soul Unit, Aaron Carl, Sasse, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Andreas Saag, Jimpster, Atjazz, the list is long. When it comes to people I respect enormously that became strong supporters and fans of the label, the first names coming to my head would be Laurent Garnier, Move D, Deetron, Kink, Trevor Jackson. I felt really honored for any warm support we received from prestigious or unknown people. We owe a lot to people in far away places such as South Africa, Turkey or even Kazakstan.

What’s it like running a Record Label – and what do you want to accomplish as an imprint?

Today, running a label became a labor of love, more & more detached of an economical aim. You can declare this about all labels of course, but I know I’m part of the ones that make decisions based strictly on where my heart & soul go. The main drive to continue the adventure is to love to share interesting music with identity to people. It is an amazing feeling when you know people are hungry for that all over the world. And the pleasure I have with my A&R work & exchange in the creative & production process with the artists is something that motivates me a lot. As long as the flame of passion will shine, there is no stopping point in my eyes. This is valid for anything in life.

Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast-paced game?

Always work hard & believe in your vision. Don’t forget that making music is about self-expression first, not about business, not about bookings. Be honest about what you do & don’t be afraid to ignore trends. Spend more time to strengthen your craft than on social medias. Everything takes time to nurture things, so accept it, even if it feels the world is running faster. It is just an illusion created by medias. Do good things with good people, don’t waste time with opportunistic people & energy suckers. Bad career plans! LOL

Where can your fans catch you in playing over the next few months and what is next for you?

I personally got some nice things lined-up with some “best kept secret” festivals this summer like Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro with Ron Trent, Detroit Swindle, Max Graef, Dj Nature & more. Or the lovely Lithuanian festival of Supynes. But also some RWAV label nights and a new residency in Berlin in an intimate spot with great sound called Phono Club. I’m also working on Sentimentality, a 20 years of DJing celebration compilation of forgotten treasures & rare vinyl classics of my own collection. The compilation will give a very personal insight into my vision of timeless club music & is due on Room With A View in autumn this year.

How do you define success?

Keep the fire burning & making sure to focus on the essential, good people & family, the close & the extended ones.

Any secrets from within the industry you’ve learned along the way? If so, what? 

Whatever happens, whatever changes the bizz is facing, it is always the people that make the difference or that force us to stay humble in front of global changes. Never forgetting that behind any creation or any piece of music are always people. And this is what makes it so fascinating & unpredictable.

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