Le Visiteur 5 "Time To Jack" Moments

A connoisseur of all things disco and house music, Le Visiteur is currently storming the Traxsource House chart with the inimitable club banger ‘Time To Jack’ Released on Deep Motion, the track has got old school written all over it and with the inevitable summer raves and warehouse parties on the horizon, this is one track that every DJ needs in the arsenal. We caught up with Le Visiteur to find out the perfect situations to utilize this weapon – that moment in time when there’s only one thing left to do – it’s Time To Jack.

Hitting that new club tonight – It’s Friday night and the week’s finally over. You’ve called up the crew, booked the tickets and just found the perfect outfit. It’s #timetojack
3am on a Saturday morning – The club’s rammed, people are fading fast and the crowd needs a pick-me-up. There’s only one track that’ll do the job in this scenario – call up Le Visiteur, it’s #timetojack
At the afterparty – You’ve worn holes in your shoes, the world’s almost horizontal and the booze has run dry… But then a lifeline is thrown, the club owner turns up with the hostesses and a trunk full of bottles. You know what that means – it’s #timetojack
At the in-law’s BBQ – We’ve all been there – the sausages are cremated and your partner’s dad has had one too many and is all about the politics. You need a distraction – turn the decks up, it’s #timetojack
Driving across country – Road trips don’t always go to plan. On this occasion, the radio’s broken and for some reason only broadcasts the country and western channel. The prepared will know that in this situation you need to find a Bluetooth speaker and opt for plan B: It’s #timetojack

Le Visiteur “Time to Jack” release is out Exclusively on Traxsource.