Richard Earnshaw Explains Why You're Missing Out Without Lossless Audio (AIFF)

Richard Earnshaw has dedicated his life to writing and producing music. His sound is a benchmark in professional production and his music is respected by legends, music creators and music lovers alike. Here he chimes in the lossless vs lossy (AIFF vs MP3) debate & why AIFF is advantageous.

“There are many who argue that it doesn’t matter if you play 320 MP3 in a club because you’re not going to notice the difference. So maybe the club system isn’t set up right…the room has appalling acoustics…or perhaps the punters are so kippered they won’t notice! The fact is, AIFF/WAV are the whole story…no compression, no strange artefacts…no dynamic compromise. So the real question is, why spend all that time and effort making music or spending hard earned cash buying it if you’re going to end up with a file that does not sound as good as it can?…..I’ll leave that with you”

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