Exclusive Interview w/ Anane

From the islands off the West Coast of Africa & now in NYC. Anane has carved out an illustrious career for herself. As a DJ, she continually tours the globe playing at some of the finest clubs and unique spots around. On the music front, she’s won over fans with her unique voice, singing and afro-beat production, adding her own flare to stand out from the crowd. If that’s not enough, Anane runs her own imprints NuLu Music and NuLu Electronic. Check out www.ananesworld.com and www.nulumusic.com to see what’s going on in her world.

With recent projects ‘Nulu Movement Vol.1’ & ’100 Years’ out now on her imprints via Traxsource. We caught up with Anane to chat about her labels, latest projects & a plethora of other interesting topics in this Exclusive Interview.

Hi Anane, thanks for chatting with us, where are you and how are you feeling right now?

You’re very welcome and thank you for having this chat with me. I’m home now in NY, feeling really good about all that is happening with work, funny because if you had asked me that a year ago the answer would not have been the same. Last year I became sole owner and head of NuLu & NuLu Electronic. Lots of lessons learned but I can truly say that in the most difficult of times is when you learn the most and triumph from adversities. And so here I am one year later with a new project where I’m giving all my vision to take care and develop my labels. Growing an international brand that will be one of the best places for the artist’s versatility and producer’s ability.

One interesting feature of my labels is to allow the artists to be free and show their ability between different genres and not only through the tracks and remixed versions. But instead creating music as a deep expression of art and spirit. Although NuLu & NuLu Electronic have some big names on its roster, my mission is not to look for a “name” per say. Instead, I’m looking for artists who are capable to make good quality music whether they are from a village in South Africa or an urban city in Amsterdam. My job is to let the world know that they exist. Most importantly, I am here to empower women in a male dominated industry by doing things on my own terms. I also have to say I am really happy about finishing my first solo production as producer and singer remaking an old Italian classic called “Parole Parole.” It will be released May 26 on Vega Records, so look out for that.

How was Miami? We had the pleasure of attending the official NULU party, and the atmosphere was just amazing.

WMC in Miami is always an amazing time, crazy that I started attending WMC more than 18 years ago, just as a music lover. Then 10 years ago I was attending as an artist along with performing as a Vega Records artist. Now for the past five years I’ve been coming as NuLu Music Label owner, DJ and even speaking on some of the panels. I’ve also been hosting my party NuLu Night with many of the artists I signed to the label. And lastly DJing alongside my partner Louie Vega for our brand Sunset Ritual that we started five years ago.

And tell us about the Nulu Movement Vol.1?

NuLu Movement Volume 1 marks the beginning of a new life and a new chapter for the label, a celebration of five years, and so I’ve compiled the best of NuLu in one package.  It’s also a great way re-introduce some of the NuLu hits to a new audience that didn’t have the chance to hear these songs when they were released. Also, it’s a great way to remind the existing NuLu fan of some wonderful moments through the music.

I chose Manoo to mix all the tracks that I selected for the compilations for a few reasons. His work on NuLu has been some of the best, and I also believe that Manoo is one of the many ambassadors of the Afro House Movement. For these reasons I felt he would and did do a great job mixing all the songs.  I also asked Manoo if he would produce two exclusive tracks for the compilation (that eventually will be released on NuLu), it’s an incentive for the compilation.

The track by Diephuis entitled ‘Crossing Borders’ (Manoo’s Refugee Remix) which dropped on Nulu Electronic late last year has been getting major support. ‘The Kings of House’ smashed it in Miami this season; Dixon also recently played it in his set at the DGTL Festival in Amsterdam. And &ME also charted it and is playing it out. Tell us about this record, and it’s current success.  That kind of worldwide support must feel amazing?

Diephuis’ “Crossing Borders” (Manoo’s Refugee Mix) is just one of those hot tracks that works all across the board, and seeing the success is amazing. David Morales loved it so much that he decided to do his own “rework” and called myself and Louie (Vega) to overdub it as well. So we went into the studio, recorded the vocals, added some synth and effects and we have the first release from “The Kings of House NYC feat Anane.” This is coming out very soon on NuLu Electronic so get ready for that.

How do you go about choosing a record for your label? Describe the A&R process and what you’re looking for.

I get lots of demos on a regular basis, so it’s taking time to listen to everything that comes in. I’ve also had the opportunity of judging a contest called “Who Wears The Crown” on Oskido’s weekly radio show in South Africa for Metro FM. From there the audience grew and so did the amount of demos. I’m currently doing another talent contest with a local South African online magazine where I will choose three winners who will release tracks on NuLu music. The criteria for that is that they have never released any music professionally. So for me a lot of this is also giving back, I mean giving opportunity to young talent who may not have an outlet and for me this is the most gratifying feeling.

“N-U-L-U” is an acronym for?

Nothing Ultimately Leaves Us… meaning, music never leaves you. You may forget it but as soon as you hear a particular song, it takes you back to a time, place and experience.

Where can your fans catch you in playing over the next few months?

Summer is right around the corner which means we live in Ibiza for the summer and tour all around the Mediterranean June, July, and August…Mykonos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Naples, Calabria, Pescara, Sorrento and so many more beautiful locations…it will all be posted on www.ananesworld.com

Best gig of 2015 so far and why?

Best gig of 2015 so far was definitely St. Moritz Music Festival in Switzerland. We did our “Sunset Ritual” party on the top of the Swiss Alps, so I can honestly say I’ve played music on top of the world.

Just how do you manage it all – what’s your secret?

Yoga! Fell in love with the practice of Bikram Yoga, so much so that I decided to go to LA and do a nine-week intensive course to become a yoga teacher. It was one of the most grueling but yet satisfying accomplishments of my life. Life is all about connections, connecting the power of the mind, the strength of the body and learning the stillness of our breath. Once I mastered these things, I understood what I am capable of doing. Aside from that a great team of people around me that helps to keep everything in order.

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