Electronic Youth: "We choose AIFF over Mp3"

The duo that is Electronic Youth comprises of Londoners Leisuregroove & Rustem Rustem. Rustem moved through an early career in vinyl distribution while helming his own Loonacy & Spud Records imprints, adding a spell in charge of The Hoxton Whores own WhoreHouse Records. Leisuregroove created a solo production career with success via his own label Digital Disco Records collaborating with the likes of Angie Brown and seeing successful releases with the likes of Hed Kandi.

When it comes to the lossless vs. lossy (AIFF vs. MP3) debate, Electronic Youth have their clear opinions on it and here’s why AIFF is their preferred audio format choice.

“We only buy AIFF format because (a) the quality, and (b) the meta-data tags. 50% of our DJ sets is usually our own music, which is mainly AIFF, so when we buy our music we choose AIFF to keep the same quality throughout our set. We use Rekord Box to organize our music, and when buying an AIFF it comes complete with artwork and Metadata. This makes it is easy to file the music, whereas WAV files do not come with artwork or metadata. You have to fill in the artist, label, genre, fields, etc. which is a chore!”

“Technically, we choose AIFF over Mp3 because an Mp3 is a lossy compressed file, and an AIFF is a lossless file, which is uncompressed. In our opinion, AIFF is better quality than Mp3, and we notice the difference when playing Mp3 against AIFF, especially in the low and high frequencies, on good club systems.”

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