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Turbo Recordings was founded by Tiga in Montreal. In addition to launching his own career, the label has been integral in the success of acts like Chromeo, Proxy, and most recently, Azari & III. Core talent includes ZZT (Tiga’s collaboration with Zombie Nation), Jesper Dahlbäck, Jori Hulkkonen, Duke Dumont, Brodinski, Boys Noize, Sei A, and a host of new young producers in genres ranging from pure techno, electro and house, to pop. The list of artists who have released music on the label is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of top-level talent, spanning a broad musical range. This roster, along with a commitment to beautiful design, has earned the label much respect in the industry and a cult following among fans.

We caught up with Turbo Recordings boss Tiga to chat about his imprint, the latest 100 release out now on Traxsource, and more in this featured interview

Hey Tiga, thanks so much for talking with us. How are feeling and where are you right now?

I’m actually in the DJ booth at Pacha in Ibiza. I just finished my set. It’s like 4am. I was eating a piece of cake and the confetti canon blasted paper on my cake. It’s opening week in Ibiza. I used to be indifferent to Ibiza, but now I adore it. I’m feeling very good.

Please give us a little bio about TURBO and it’s beginnings.

Turbo started in 1998 originally just so I would have an outlet to work more creatively with artists and help develop Montreal artists as well. Over the years it’s twisted and turned stylistically but always stayed pretty true to some basic principles.

The latest “100” release is a collab you did with long time friend and colleague Boyz Noise. Tell us about how you guys came together on this one…

We have always been friends and I’ve always been a fan of Alex as a DJ- so it was natural to get in the studio eventually. We did two sessions, the second of which was really successful. I think me and Alex both have a strong Techno foundation but both yearn (in our own ways) to take that Techno ethos into different areas.

Get ‘100’ on Traxsource: HERE

Describe running a record label today – what keeps you motivated and how has it changed, say in the last decade?

It’s too boring now to talk about the “changing music industry”- the truth is that it’s a pretty cool time to be running a label- things run fast and efficiently and you can have lots of control and independence and still reach massive audiences. The motivation is always to work with people we really love and the eternal search for the next killer track.

How do you A&R a record for the label, what are you listening for?

At this point I listen for two things: something that really stands out and feels new OR something that is just obviously effective as a DJ record. Obviously the holy grail is a record that meets both criteria

Do you in fact keep it “100”?

No. No. I’m more a high 90s guy.

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