Mihalis Safras talks Material & NEW Top Remixes.

If you think of Greece currently you might perhaps think of sunny islands, funny people and Ouzo all over the place. Besides all those things the Greek isles have a great electronic scene and Mihalis Safras is definitely one of its most important representatives. Hailed as both the Material head honcho, and as a producer, Mihalis’ high caliber, elongated, aching yet versatile and percussive Tech House. tracks have made their way onto the most hyped labels on the scene.

He’s played some of the most well regarded clubs and events all over the world. Leading UK dance festival Global Gathering, Miami’s WMC and Ibiza’s Ushuaia were just a few of the life long ambitions to be ticked off the ‘to do’ list. Worth mentioning is that many of his productions have been used on the official compilations of Loveparade, Pacha, DJM, Space Ibiza and was even used on Apples iPhone campaign.

We caught up with Material main man Mihalis to chat about his various labels, the new ‘Material Top Remixes’ out now on Traxsource, and more with this featured interview.

1. Mihalis, thanks for chatting with us. Give us some background on the label.

The label started in 2006 after Safras & Mark Broom decided to do their own thing to release their stuff. Back in those days it started as a vinyl label and happily we still do wax along with our digital releases. Now Material is a label that has 5 sub labels and its based in Athens and Rotterdam.

2. What is Material’s musical direction, mission, and overall goal?

Mainly it is all about quality underground dance music. So far we have been lucky to have the support of the artists that belong to the avant garde of the Tech House scene. Since its birth it has been recognized as one of the most ‘hip’ Tech House labels and we are so happy for that.

3. Tell us about the current Promo “MATERIAL TOP REMIXES” out now exclusively on Traxsource…

MATERIAL TOP REMIXES are remixes that were remastered, reedited and now released on Traxsource. It’s a very special release for us that wil be followed up by our Sonar release! Get your hands on them!


4. You also own other sub-labels under the Material umbrella – Tell us about them (Materialism etc.)

Material Labels conists of: Material, Materialism, Playmobil, Tuna, Sonics, Mr. Carter. Materialism is the former Material Limited label, but we decided to change the brand of the label so it won’t be confused with mother-label. Each sub-label (Materialism, Playmobil. MrCarter, Kazoo) has a unique style and its own roster to support it.

5. What’s the difference between the labels?

Material is the parent label where all hype begins. Releases consist of elegant Tech House tracks destined for wiser, hipper, dance floors. As previously mentioned, Materialism is the former Material Limited label – and another platform focusing on contemporary House Music.

Mr.Carter is our Deep House offshoot. Playmobil is our lovely gassy Tech House label with that well known ‘Marco Carola’ style music. And Tuna is the newest member of Material Group It was born in order to bring out the Electronica/DnB flavour by expanding the strict dance floor borders.

Stay tuned!

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Mihalis Safras


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