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It’s not easy trying to define the sound that Giom has created for himself over the years but when you attend one of his energetic DJ sets, sample one of his many remixes or dance to one of his chart topping #1 singles, the message becomes clear: Giom is here to make you move your feet. The London based Frenchman’s music has been supported by an impressive list of the worlds best DJs, from the underground kings to the big room soldiers, from Fedde Le Grand to DJ Sneak, Green Velvet to Joey Negro, David Vendetta to Jimpster, Mark Knight to Grant Nelson, Sharam Jey to Kolombo, it seems everybody needs a bit of the Giom sound in their DJ sets.

Giom has worked, released, toured and collaborated with the likes of Riva Starr, Joey Negro, Fred Everything, Loulou Records, Toolroom and Defected Records. He has also headlined and played at some of the world’s best clubs such as Fabric (London), Privilege (Ibiza), LIV (Buenos Aires), 360 (Dubai) and has performed in over 30 countries.

With the launch of his brand new house music label Supremus Records and the debut EP ‘The Message’ out now Exclusively on Traxsource. This was a perfect opportunity to catch up with Giom. We asked him, from his extensive original productions & remix catalog, what 5 trax really built and shaped his career to this point. This is what he had to say.

1. Vernon & Dacosta Feat. Apple Rochez – As Darkness Falls (Giom Remix) – Amenti Music 2007

A year before this track came out, DJ Heather had spotted me on Myspace, started playing my tracks out and labels started enquiring about me. Amenti was without a doubt my favourite house label at the time. When Massimo Dacosta approached me to do a remix that was going to be released on Amenti I said yes without even listening to the original. I did the remix in Reason (rewired to Cubase for the vocals) in a couple of days and played it to Massimo thinking it was just a demo, but he liked it and sent it back to the label who also liked it. So that was it. A few months later, it’s March and I’m at the WMC (also my 1st time in the US) and I will never forget walking into parties and hearing DJs playing this cut almost everywhere. It was very odd, especially as I also didn’t really know anybody, so when Mark Farina dropped it at the OM Party I had no-one to share the moment with. I will never forget these memories.

2. Things U Do – Lost My Dog 2010

Lost My Dog… my favourite people. To this day I’ve never worked with anyone more professional or passionate as these guys. The team of Pete Dafeet, Ian Straker and Najan Ward was just magical. Even though the label is stopping at the end of summer, these guys are going out with bang and leaving us with hours of timeless, classic music. Our partnership remains one of the strong highlights of my career. “Things U Do” was one of my 1st attempts at using Ableton 100%, and I always thought the production was dreadful on it! But somehow, it became quite a big single for me at the time. DJ support from Laurent Garnier, Grant Nelson, Mark Farina, Mr. V and many others. Fun fact: a mashup of this track with the vocals of Manu Chao’s “King Of The Bongo” was released on Youtube a few years ago and so far has collected over 200000 plays.

3. Hector Couto – Let The Music Play (Giom Remix) – Adult Music Records 2012

This remix came up at a time when I was trying to change the way I make music, like experimenting with different sounds and textures and using less samples. I’m a big synth fan, and at the time I had just bought a Korg Poly 800 which remains one of my favourites today. It’s not the fattest sounding but I love all the presets as they go so well together. The pads on that track are pure Poly 800, but the bass line hook is from the Korg Polysix plugin, the 1st or 2nd preset, so obvious… “Let The Music Play” came out in early summer 2012 and went on to become Traxsource’s biggest selling track of that year. I also remember being on tour with Riva Starr at the time, telling him about it and he was very unimpressed :D

4. PlayOn – FlyInAJam 2012

Out of every track I’ve ever produced, I think this is my personal favourite. It didn’t do well sale-wise and didn’t get much support but I still play it at every other gig. I think it’s still relevant today and no matter which direction I go when I play out, I always manage to make it fit in my sets. I guess it’s got samples but some cool synth action too, so it’s the best of both worlds, and that breakdown always works. Amazingly, the starting point for this was to do something a bit “Hot Creations”. I very clearly failed at that but ended up with my own personal favourite.

5. Dr. Zapp (Feat. Apple Rochez) – Loulou Records 2014

Apple Rochez and I together again! I had sent her a beat back in 2012 and she sent back these vocals that I loved, but somehow I lost interest in the track and it got shelved, which happens all the time. So the process of writing a million beats to an acapella started again and after about 25 different versions, I decided I liked this one. I was also enjoying a few G-House tracks in my sets from the likes of Kolombo and Loulou Players at the time too, so that definitely influenced me. Even though I wouldn’t describe this track as straight G-House, it does fit into that category somehow and I believe it found the perfect home with Loulou Records. This is what I call fun Bumpfunk!

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