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Berlin residents Robosonic aka Cord Henning Labuhn and Sacha Robotti are no spring chickens in this game! Their career is the story of uncompromising artistic hustle, the fight for musical independence, the strong belief in making it happen against all odds. For years now they’ve been busy building their reputation as producers of the finest beats and as DJs of some repute. They slay dance floors worldwide through their unique, potent and multi-dimensional style, be it at festivals, illegal raves, penthouse parties, clubs, TV or radio. Productions and DJ skills aside, it’s the duo’s lovable personalities and their penchant for ’keeping it real’ that’s endeared them to a vast audience.

With Robosonic’s hot new RPMD EP just landing exclusively on Traxsource via Nurvous Records, we caught up with Cord & Sacha for some insight into 5 trax that helped build and shape their careers, thus far.

1. “Worst Love”

Game changer for us! It was the first record to gain international interest and it was played by a crazy amount of DJs. It was and still is, loved and recognized by many party people all over the world. Some told us they felt that it is becoming a classic. It definitely opened many doors for us. Respected labels began to request our music, asking us for remixes and features. Since “Worst Love’, we’ve been treated better and respected more, so we owe a lot to this record.

2. “Sturm und Drang”

Our first and (so far) only album. 8 years later, we still love it for many reasons. It has a young and raw energy, as well as a un-dogmatic and eclectic approach musically, while being held together by lyrical references and quite cynical statements, i.e. about intellectualism in (electronic dance) music. This piece was laid out in a short time frame during a summer in Berlin right at the first stage of us as a duo and mixed down extensively after. Live on stage our motto at that time was “dance entertainment for junkies and joggers”. There were only 2 or 3 tracks from the album that we would play in our DJ sets because during that period; we didn‘t really produce floor-functional DJ music. “Yasmin” our very first original production and our first ever Robosonic single (with a remix by Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl), was the most played album track. It still resonates with the people who were dancing to it at that time, in Berlin especially.

3. “La Fique”

“La Fique” was our first overall #1 on Traxsource and a fun collaboration with the Adana Twins. In the end, this became kind of a summer hit.

We were playing it a long time before it was released through DIYNAMIC / 2DIY4, so we generated some hype beforehand as we didn’t give it to anyone else. WOLF AND LAMB were after it, EXPLOITED wanted to sign it, but we didn‘t have any B-sides and sat on it for a bit. In the end, we made two more tracks with the Adanas to get an EP together. One of which landed on the EP (“Barracuda”). The other one (“One For The X”) went to vinyl only on Dikso Records. Unfortunately, we recently had to take down “La Fique EP” from all sales platforms even though we had a publishing clearance to re-release it with vocals on top. Universal, who own the master rights of the main sample, denied us the usage.

4. Eddie Amador “House Music” (Robosonic Remix)

Our most popular remix so far! We were approached by Yoshitoshi for original material, but couldn’t offer anything suitable at the time. Instead, since Yoshitoshi boasts some classic material in their back catalogue, we asked if we could remix one of their well known classics.

We had the honour of remixing Eddie Amador’s iconic track. It certainly is one of the genre’s most recognizable tunes with regards to the vocals and the melody. We delivered what became a real successful track a year later. When we tested this in the clubs, it received amazing crowd reaction. Yoshitoshi at first didn’t give us feed back for a week, then got in touch. Unconvinced by our remix, it was a back and forth for months, and our remix almost wasn’t released until we called the label manager in Washington DC, insisting this needs to happen. We told them “don’t miss out, this is a hit!” We just knew, and we’re glad that they agreed! No one regrets it now, and our relationship has turned into something more long-term, as we have two more remixes coming up on Yoshitoshi in 2015.

5. ‘Good Feel EP’, Robosonic ft. Masta Ace

This may be the blueprint for our fusion of classic hip hop and house, which the famous German hip hop magazine JUICE recently called “Golden Era House”. Before that, we’ve made a few tunes referencing great hip hop records, but in this case NYC rap legend Masta Ace himself wrote some lyrics and jumped on the beat. So we feel that this is the real deal. The ‘Good Feel EP’ felt like a personal success, especially in terms of closing the circle and collaborating with one of the best and most respected rap lyricists alive. A 12” dub version was released on OFF, alongside two other dedicated joints. The EP receives a lot of love on the dance floor (and we often close our sets with it) and also from hip hop heads who are starting to dig house music as well these days. Soon you’ll hear some more tunes of that nature. We have one cut featuring Jeru the Damaja and one with KRS-One on the microphone, both upcoming on Simma Black.

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