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Born in Iraq but living in Washington DC, Saeed Younan is a world class globe-trotting DJ, recording artist, sought-after remix producer, and head of his own record label (Younan Music). He has excelled as a true artist in the global dance scene, without showing complacency.

As if Saeed’s release and touring schedule weren’t busy enough, he still finds time to give back. His latest philanthropy work is to benefit Virunga, a national park located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Combining his passion for both music and nature the “Protect Virunga Campaign” compilation is out now on Traxsource and 100% of the Younan Music share will be donated towards protecting Virunga National Park. He tells us all about the charity in this exclusive interview.

Hey Saeed, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now?

Believe it or not I’m at a 4 days Yoga / Meditation Festival called WanderLust. I usually take a break from the music biz, right before my hectic summer schedule begins. This month alone I’m playing 4 festivals back to back. Some ME time is needed to be fully prepare myself mentally and physically.

The topic for today is new Protect Virunga Campaign compilation – tell us in your words a little bit about how it…

I love a challenge and saving endangered animals is probably a good one. I’ve always been outspoken when it comes to protecting animals and our planet. I try to do what I can when I can. After watching the documentary titled “Virunga” (I urge everyone to watch) on Netflix, I started doing my research about the park in the Congo. It really put things in perspective. Naturally, I wanted to do something about it.

And the proceeds are to benefit the Virunga charity? Why is this particular cause so close to your heart?

Yes, the proceeds will go directly to benefit Virunga charity. The cause is near ‘n’ dear to my heart because mountain gorillas are facing massive extinction. They are our closest relatives, and we still have so much to learn from them. Virunga is a massive protected national park located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Oil companies and poachers are trying to disrupt Virunga’s habitat for profit. My mission is to try and do what I can to help sustain the park and help animals thrive under protection. This is what this compilation is all about. When someone purchases this compilation. I will donate 100% of the Younan Music share to protecting Virunga National Park.

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months? Any Ibiza plans?

Still working on Ibiza dates. For now you can catch me at these festivals and events.

• June 13: One Bar (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
• June 18: Light Nightclub w/ Carl Cox (Las Vegas, NV)
• June 19: EDC w/Carl Cox & Friends (Las Vegas, NV)
• June 23: Downtown Cocktail Room (Las Vegas, NV)
• June 25: Electric Forest w/Carl Cox & Friends (Rothbury, MI)
• June 27: Digital Dreams w/ Carl Cox & Friends (Toronto, ON)
• June 28: Escapade Festival w/Carl Cox & Friends (Ottawa, ON)
• July 03: OTH Patio Sessions (West Palm Beach, FL)
• July 17: EQ (Atlanta, GA)
• July 18: Venue tbc (Pensacola, Fl.)
• July 26: Public Bar SGS party (Washington D.C)
• Aug 01: Love Festival (Aruba)

Anything else we should know, or you want to share with your fans?

Yes, I want to thank all the artists on this compilation, especially Matt McLarrie and Bjorn Wilke for providing me with exclusive tracks and donating their share as well. I really hope our friends and fans take a minute and listen to the entire compilation. Some amazing artist/music on here. Most importantly, I hope they purchase the compilation, not only for good music but knowing they will be helping a cause that benefits us all. Lastly. I want to give a big warm thank you to Traxsource for believing in me and my label, and by giving us a hand to promote this cause and worthy compilation.

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