Copyright get 'Lifted'

Boasting an enviable discography that spans well over a decade, London based duo Copyright continue their vocally minded offensive with their latest offering on Defected. True to its title, ‘Lifted’ oozes positivity and bounce; a warm cut full of character that captures the very essence of the duo’s feel good signature style.

Video courtesy of Defected Records

With great vocals from Andre Espeut building seamlessly throughout the track this is surely set be yet another crowd pleaser from the soulful groove masters. Equally upbeat and energised, but taking things just that little bit deeper, is Pablo Fierro’s remix which showcases the young Spaniard’s free spirited musical style, the result being a funky, deep bumping house styling and ideal compliment to its original.


Meanwhile ‘Sometimes’ jazzes things up a notch with its infectious sax, rolling reggaeton-eqsue beats and a chopped up praise house vocal sample. All in all this is a perfect party season pleaser.

Pablo Fierro

‘Lifted’ is out now on Defected Records.