This Is How Sam Holt & Gavin Mills aka Copyright DJ

Producers, DJs, long-term music fanatics and now – perhaps most life-changing of all – fathers, Copyright are Sam Holt and Gavin ‘Face’ Mills, the UK duo whose considered and mature approach to house music has earned them a place in electronic music history. After 15 years, Copyright can count a studio album, headline gigs at some of the world’s biggest clubs, their own label Copyright Recordings and dozens of acclaimed singles amongst their achievements. Add to this a longstanding relationship with the mighty Defected Records on which the majority of their music has been released, and it’s easy to see why the name Copyright has become synonymous with quality, earning Holt and Mills thousands of fans around the globe.

With regular gigs at the hottest clubs around world, we asked the London duo to talk about their personal preferences, tastes and generally about DJ’ing and clubs. This is How Copyright DJ. Also check out their latest offerings ‘Diva/System’ out now on Traxsource via Noir Music’s Dual III EP.

1) Are you both more DJs or Producers?

We are both! Both of us came from a DJ background that naturally lead into production. Being a producer wasn’t a necessity when we first started, but times have changed dramatically.

2) When did you both know you wanted to be DJ’s?

Since we were both kids growing up around music. The late 80’s was a rich period for electronic music – so it was easy to get sucked into it. Having Technics decks was the ultimate back then. So you begged, stole and borrowed to get them.

3) Who or what inspired you both to become a DJ?

House music. Hearing the early house tracks made you want to find out more about the music, which then lead to the club culture associated with it.

4) Describe what makes a good DJ in 3 or 4 words?

Hunger. Talent. Flexibility. History.

5) Who to you both is/was “The DJ’s DJ”?

Carl Cox. Still relevant. Still smashing it. Technically superior to most.

6) Describe your preferred DJ set-up.

4 x CDJ 2000 Nexus, Rane MP20, MPS Pioneer EFX1000

7) Do you both use a laptop? If so, what platform/program?


8) Any special, unique, crazy things on your rider?

Nothing crazy. We don’t roll like that.

9) Beverage of choice while playing?

Old Fashioneds (Sam). Vodka Tonic (Gavin).

10) Favorite country(s)/club(s)/city(s) to play?


11) Do you Sync, What’s your view on this?

Never – Sync is for wannabes.

12) Any DJ Controllers?


13) Favorite or “go-to” EFXs while playing?

We have always tried to use the technology at our fingertips to its maximum, at the right moment it’s deadly – but over used its vibe killer.

14) Big festivals or intimate clubs? Why?

We love the whole day out aspect of festivals and the vibes it brings. I would say our preference is a small sweaty club though with the crowd super close to the action. They are the best parties always.

15) Read the crowd or just pound it out?

Always read the crowd, So many DJs come with the same pre-programmed set in the same order. We simply arrive read it and adapt.

16) Ever miss CDs or Vinyl?

We miss the physical aspect of owning a record, but we certainly don’t miss lugging them round airports. CDs were great as they still allowed you to create your own artwork which made it easier to see tracks in a dark club. I don’t love USB, but it’s a means to an end.

17) How do you both maintain your music libraries?

Itunes – Then Rekordbox – Done.

18) AIFF, Wav OR MP3 — WHY? Is there a difference?

AIFFs all day long. Quality first.

19) Any Tips for aspiring Young DJs?

These days dig deep into the past for nuggets and go and actually meet the DJs you want to be. 99% of us don’t go through Facebook messages, but if someone comes up and says hello its a different game.

20) Do you both do any of the obligatory DJ Poses?

None. But we do have cliched pictures of us standing by a brick wall with Graffiti behind.

21) Best Gig in the Last 12 Months and Why?

Egg in London a few weeks ago was really cool. The warehouse vibe in there is so cool. Its dark and we played three hours featuring loads of new music, and it went OFF!

22) Where can we catch you play in the coming months?

Ibiza, London, Barcelona and on and on.

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